Now that Thanksgiving has passed, we’re on our way to the best holiday of the year. We’re obviously talking about Christmas! With the start of a new month, some of the best netflix movies and netflix series will return. Unfortunately, it appears that this holiday season will not be filled with only new Netflix content. We may also hear of more cancellations by the streaming site. This is such a letdown…

Throughout the year, we’ve seen the streamer cancel a slew of Netflix series. Another Life, Gentefied, Raising Dion, Archive 81, Pretty Smart, Space Force, Resident Evil, First Kill, Fate: The Winx Saga, The Imperfects, and Partner Track are a few examples. Netflix didn’t waste any time at all.

But it hasn’t all been bad. Stranger Things, Emily in Paris, The Sandman, Never Have I Ever, Love is Blind, The Umbrella Academy, Sweet Magnolias, Heartstopper, The Lincoln Lawyer and other shows have been renewed.

However, despite the fact that they debuted this year, some Netflix series have yet to be renewed. With one month left in 2022, this means that more Netflix shows could be canceled by the end of the year. Do you want to know which Netflix shows are most likely to be canceled? Keep reading to find out!

Netflix Shows At Risk Of Cancellation By 2023

I know the Netflix title I’m about to mention will irritate many people, but this shows are likely to follow in the footsteps of previously canceled shows like The Baby-Sitters Club & Q-Force. I’m sorry to say it, but Warrior Nun…

Warrior Nun

5 Netflix Series Most Likely To Be Canceled By 2023

Warrior Nun, a fantasy series about a young orphaned youngster who wakes up in a morgue with superpowers, premiered on Netflix in July 2020, and viewers tuned in. She discovers she is now a member of a secret sect of demon-hunting nuns and becomes embroiled in a battle between good and evil.

The show has done well for itself, so Netflix has given it a second season. However, the chances of a third season aren’t looking promising right now. According to What’s on Netflix, Warrior Nun season 2 did not perform as well as many fans had hoped when it debuted on November 10. With 26.22 million global hours, the show ranked sixth on Netflix’s top ten TV list in week one. With 27.74 million global hours in week two of the second season’s release, the show rose slightly to No. 5 on the top ten list.

According to reports, the second and third weeks are crucial in determining whether or not a Netflix show will be renewed. It has also been reported that a 60% or greater drop in viewership from week 2 to week 3 implies the show will most probably not be renewed. Netflix hasn’t released the results for week 3, but we’re hoping the show saw a significant increase in viewership during its third week on the platform.

Season 2 of Warrior Nun has a great Rotten Tomatoes score of 100% as well as a 99% audience rating. As a result, it received positive feedback from both critics and viewers. Is this, however, enough to save the tv series from cancellation? As of November 29, our renewal forecast indicates that the show will most likely be canceled. We hope to be proven wrong.

The Midnight Club

5 Netflix Series Most Likely To Be Canceled By 2023

The Midnight Club is Mike Flanagan’s first Netflix original series. Flanagan actually hopes to bring back at least one more season. But how likely is a second season of The Midnight Club? It’s not looking good for the mystery-horror series.

The show only received 18.79 million viewership hours during its first week, from October 3 to October 9. The show’s viewing hours increased dramatically in week two, reaching 49.87 million. However, in week three, the show’s viewership hours dropped significantly, with 21.65 million. The show dropped out of the global top ten in week four. Critics seemed to enjoy the series, but home viewers begged to differ, according to Rotten Tomatoes’ low audience score.

Honestly, Flanagan’s good standing with Netflix and the budget could save this show from cancellation. Flanagan is the creator of several popular Netflix shows, including The Haunting anthology series and Midnight Mass. Also, in comparison to other Netflix shows, The Midnight Club does not appear to have cost a lot of money to produce.

However, it appears that the show has not performed well enough to warrant a second season. Netflix’s decision is expected in December.


5 Netflix Series Most Likely To Be Canceled By 2023

Rebelde, I believe, has been quietly canceled by Netflix. It’s been four months since its second season was released, and we haven’t heard anything about a Rebelde season 3 from Netflix or any of the cast and crew.

We weren’t expecting a renewal so soon after the 2nd season premiere, as happened with the first. However, if the show was renewed for a third season, we should really have heard something by now. Our guess is that the teen series’ second season did not fare well on the streaming service.

The first week of the second season on Netflix only received 15.31 million hours. Then, in week 2, there was a 43% drop with only 8,760,000 million hours. By week three, the show had dropped completely out of the global non-English top ten, never to return. In comparison to the first season, these figures were extremely low. The first season premiered with 33.18 million hours in week one. With 23.88 million hours in week 2, the show had only dropped by 28%.

If you’re a Rebelde fan, I’m sorry to say that the teen series won’t be returning for a third season. Unfortunately, we may not get an official cancellation notice from Netflix until 2023. Instead, it will be one of many Netflix shows quietly canceled.


5 Netflix Series Most Likely To Be Canceled By 2023

I’m sorry, Neil Patrick Harris, but Uncoupled appears to be on its way out of Netflix. The romantic comedy series debuted two days after Rebelde season 2 and has yet to be renewed. So it appears that Netflix has yet another quiet cancellation.

The possibility of Uncoupled’s cancellation is not surprising. In its first three days on Netflix, the show did not even make the global top ten list. It did, however, make the list in its second week, with 26.52 million hours. However, by the second week, the show had dropped completely from the list. It would have taken more than 18.07 million hours to beat Manifest season 3 in week 3.

The majority of viewers enjoyed the show, but it appears that there were not enough viewers to warrant a second season. Unfortunately, it did not have staying power.

Russian Doll

5 Netflix Series Most Likely To Be Canceled By 2023

Russian Doll is the most likely of the Netflix shows on our list to be canceled by 2023. Of course, this is assuming Netflix hasn’t already quietly pulled the plug.

The second season debuted on April 20 and did not chart in the top ten globally. Furthermore, it’s been seven months since the second season debuted, and Netflix has yet to announce a renewal. This isn’t unprecedented, but the streamer rarely takes this long to make a decision on a show’s fate. Netflix renewed the show for a second season four months after the first season premiered.

Perhaps, in December, Netflix will surprise us by renewing the comedy-drama series for a third season. But I have my doubts.