An upcoming TV series centered on the Eminem biopic 8 Mile has been announced by 50 Cent. The 2002 film 8 Mile, which was well-received by critics and did well at the box office, featured Eminem himself as the fictional character B-Rabbit. The movie followed B-Rabbit as he moved around the impoverished Detroit neighborhood where he resided, working in the blue-collar industry and spending his free time attending rap battles to advance his rap career. As a new performer, Eminem received nominations for several critics’ choice awards, and the song “Lose Yourself” won the Academy Award for Best Original Song.

Eminem, who was almost cast in a canceled Grand Theft Auto movie adaptation, was working with 50 Cent to develop the new 8 Mile television project, and the two have already begun working to make the idea a reality, according to an interview with BigBoyTV (via The Hollywood Reporter). 50 Cent went on to say that he would try to replicate the success of 8 Mile on the big screen with this new adaptation for television, hinting that the show would be “big,” and suggesting that the enormous success of his previous shows, like Power and its numerous spinoffs and BMF, would be proceeded with the potential 8 Mile series if it is given the go-ahead.

“I’m gonna bring his 8 Mile to television… [The show is] gonna be big. I’m working. I ain’t got no duds. I’m battin’ a hundred, I’m battin’ a hundred… I think it should be there for his legacy, because if you don’t see… it’s important to me that they understand it… I wanna be able to show and offer a lot more details, things that you would say in an interview or different things that you’ve already used, that you put out there, and stuff like that. You’ll see those things kind of surface and the temperament of the characters.”

The Reasons Behind The Success Of 50 Cent’s TV Programs

A Biopic About Eminem Named 8 Mile Is In Development With 50 Cent

The rapper 50 Cent has since enjoyed a string of successes in the TV development industry, despite not having much success on the big screen in the past. Power, which ran for a highly successful 6 season run from 2014 to 2020, was the first of his TV successes. Since then, a new spin-off has been released every year. Power Book II: Ghost will be released in late 2020, followed by Power Book III: Raising Kanan and Power Book IV: Force. BMF has demonstrated that 50 Cent can succeed even without the built-in audience the Power spin-offs have benefited from; Starz, the network with which 50 Cent has collaborated on all of his TV projects, also carries the show.

Due to his acting aspirations, which led to him being cast in the upcoming Expendables 4 film, and his very active social media presence, 50 Cent is still a big draw, which contributes to the success of these shows. However, the creators of the series have proven to be adept and persistent social media marketers, which is likely the main factor behind the success of the Power family of shows. With the help of social media campaigns like season 1’s “Who Shot Ghost?,” which paid homage to Dallas’ iconic 1980 cliffhanger, and the Team Ghost vs. Team Tommy Twilight-style campaign, which pitted the two main characters against one another, they were able to generate more buzz.

These initiatives, along with numerous others, helped Power receive more social media interaction over the course of its six seasons than several of its acclaimed rivals, including Empire, Fear The Walking Dead, and How To Get Away With Murder, according to Nielsen’s social content ratings. It also fills a gap in the current TV landscape that some of 50 Cent’s shows are among the only ones with morally ambiguous and complex Black characters. The revival of 8 Mile in a TV format seems to have a great chance of succeeding given the success that 50 Cent has recently experienced, including the official statement of a series of three horror films co-produced with Eli Roth.

Source: BigBoyTV (via THR)