Stranger Things season 6 isn’t really on the table, according to Finn Wolfhard. Stranger Things is a Netflix original series that explores the supernatural “Upside Down” and the mysterious human experimentation that led to the mysterious creation of super-powered humans. It is set in the 1980s and follows the exploits of the Hellfire Club, a group of friends who frequently play Dungeons & Dragons together. Even though Stranger Things has become a huge hit for Netflix, season 5 will soon mark the show’s end.

Even James Cameron, who thought the show had a great run, has criticized Stranger Things’ timeline because it makes future seasons seem completely unfeasible because the kids age out of the show with each year that goes by. Mike’s actor, Finn Wolfhard, made it clear in an Uproxx interview that extending Stranger Things past season 6 would have been too much. See Wolfhard’s quotation below:

“Not ready but I’m just really excited to start working on it because after I finished watching season four, I just was like, “Damn, let’s just go back and film now.” I just want to help finish it off, but not in a way of I want to be done with it. It’s just like I want to know what happens. I’m definitely sad about it, but also, I know that it’s the next kind of chapter of everyone’s life that needs to happen.”

“Also, to me, if Stranger Things went on any longer than five, I would say it would be ridiculous. I think the Duffer brothers figured out, I would imagine, a perfect ending in five. We didn’t even know if we’d do two. So, we’re happy that people still are around and want to watch it. But yeah, I’m excited. Four was huge in scale, but I think I’d like to see the fifth season draw back on more of the dynamics of season one, and sort of be a little more contained, but also still be gigantic. I hope we kind of get an ending for each character that’s pretty satisfying for fans.”

How Season 5 Of Stranger Things Will Be Continued

According To Finn Wolfhard Stranger Things Season 6 Would Be Ridiculous

Even though the main show will end, the Stranger Things saga won’t be finished just yet. Although it is simple to argue that Stranger Things doesn’t require spin-offs, new spin-off shows will be picking up where the original shows left off as the Hellfire Club throws their dice. Netflix has been remarkably quiet about the potential subject matter of the shows, aside from the announcement that one spin-off will be an anime set in Tokyo. Generally, theories cover everything from Eleven’s adult adventures to his experiences in the Upside Down and at the Hawkins lab. Whatever happens, Stranger Things will go on, which is great for Netflix.

Season 5 Of Stranger Things: Everything We Know

According To Finn Wolfhard Stranger Things Season 6 Would Be Ridiculous

Stranger Things season 5 isn’t expected to be quite as long as season 4, which featured 13 hours of content and a substantial amount of filler. Season 5, while serving as a conclusion for the overall show, is likely to run for 10 hours, which should be more than enough to tie up potential loose ends as it brings together the original Hawkins gang. After Eleven and Hopper finally reunited in season 4, it will be a rewarding experience to see them spending time together again after everything that the Stranger Things heroes have been through throughout the show.

In order to explain why the cast members have aged so much since their last appearance on screen, the season will also include a significant time jump. Season 5 of Stranger Things, which is set in Hawkins, will explore the Upside Down and give the characters all the information they require about its terrifying reality. The heroes will have the chance to close the narrative with all the remaining original Hellfire Club members as they engage in a final battle against Vecna. Unfortunately, the season, which wraps up everything the show has left unfinished, runs the risk of resurrecting Strange Things’ worst villain issue by featuring too many antagonists (including Vecna and Colonel Jack Sullivan). Stranger Things season 5 is anticipated to premiere on Netflix in the latter half of 2024, no matter how it ends.

Source: Uproxx