One of the things people admire about Robbert Pattinson’s Batman was his set of wheels. The Batmobile’s muscle car style is basic and original, and its roaring sound provided a spectacular theater experience.

Since Batman’s debut in Detective Comics #27, there have been various iterations of the Batmobile, each with a unique look and functionality. Redditors have voted on which Caped Crusader rides they think are the finest from the comics, animation ventures, and live-action films.

The Burtonverse Batmobile

During his missions to stop the Joker and the Penguin, Michael Keaton’s Batman relies on this Batmobile. “From an aesthetic sense, it’s clearly the gold standard,” says DampfGecko.

One of the vehicle’s standout features is its spherical mid-bonnet section, which is designed to keep the engine cool. There’s also the tall hood, which not only looks good but actually makes the Batmobile safer because it’s the only part that gets significantly destroyed in a crash. In terms of legendary moments, the Burtonverse Batmobile will be remembered for breaking Batman’s no-kill rule by torching a goon with flames from the exhaust.

The Tumbler

Because of “the action scenes and the idea that there is a bat pod cooling inside it,” AceWorldPodcast enjoys The Tumbler from Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight series. Before Lucius Fox modifies it so Bruce Wayne can use it, the tank-like vehicle is first kept at the Wayne Enterprises Applied Sciences Division warehouse as a military prototype.

The Tumbler is the most advanced Batmobile in terms of technology thanks to Fox’s skills. It contains the majority of the computer systems that Batman uses in his Batcave. Because of the Batpod, which the Redditor has mentioned, it’s also one of the safest Batmobiles. In the event of damage, Batman can quickly exit thanks to this. The weaponry is pretty amazing, especially the front-mounted machine guns that resemble James Bond, and there is also a stealth element. Despite being a large truck, it is undetectable, as was demonstrated during the drive to Arkham.

Arkham Universe Batmobile

I honestly like the Arkham knight one, says Co0lnerd22. The Arkham universe Batmobile is important in various objectives even if it isn’t a big element of the gameplay.

Because of the enormous wheels of the gaming Batmobile, Batman can easily navigate even steep terrain. The car has a lot of high-tech features, but that’s what makes it cool. When Batman is up against larger opponents, its EMP blast is useful, but its amazing ability to unleash a virus meant for enemy drones is truly remarkable. Players can also take use of its nuclear-launchers, which can instantly eliminate boss tans.

White Knight Batmobile

During “The Curse of The White Knight,” one of the best Batman comic book arcs, Batman drives the car. The proportions as shown (shorter in length, wider wheelbase, shorter in height) just do it for me aesthetically, according to MikeyMooOhTwo.

The Batmobile is a success in terms of aesthetics because it’s neither too long nor too short, making it look like a cross between a sports car and a tank. But its transforming element is what really sets it apart. While Batman is pursuing Azrael, the Batmobile transforms into a Batboat in one of the most famous comic book scenes. And it has everything it needs to move on water, including tail fins that can be used as rudders.

Reevesverse Batmobile

The Batmobile used by Pattinson’s Batman is praised by Redditor bp 00, who calls it “a brilliant extension of Batman’s personality but also an example of his brilliance in this universe.” It is driven by Batman as he pursues the Penguin in a thrilling chase scene.

Compared to the others, the Reeverseverse Batmobile is simpler. It’s just a modified Dodge Charger, which makes sense given that Batman has only been battling crime for a year. Additionally, the rumbling sound of its engine makes gearheads thrilled. Given that he altered it himself, the Redditor is not incorrect to describe it as an extension of Batman’s personality.

Snyderverse Batmobile

Elegant_Respect7395 appreciates that it’s not even a Bat-related thing. The automobile wasn’t even black and contained guns, they write. This is due to the fact that Affleck’s Batman’s Batmobile is nothing more than a tank. Given that Affleck’s Batman lives in an universe full of supernatural aspects and alien powers, the Snyderverse Batmobile is a perfect fit for him.

Other live-action iterations haven’t had that problem. The Batmobile is shown to be even immune to laser beams from extraterrestrial beings, so once inside, Batman is completely safe. It is also attacked by numerous aliens at one point, but they are unable to breach the roof. Since Affleck’s Batman is seen driving through some of the roughest terrain, the terrain is also no obstacle for it.

Telltale Batmobile

The version from one of the Best Batman video games is preferred by S7AR_LORD_2024 due to the “less tank-like batmobile looks.” Bruce and Lucius design the vehicle just prior to the Children of Arkham raid on Gotham.

Bruce has previously required the Batmobile when serving as Batman and a regular sportscar when playing the eccentric billionaire. The Telltale Batmobile, on the other hand, excludes these issues because it can actually change into a sports car. The fact that it can be remotely controlled makes it even more impressive. Batman can use it to transport whatever he needs or to convince villains that he is nearby even when he is far away.

The BTAS Batmobile

The long vehicle from Batman: The Animated Series, designed by stunt driver Earl Cooper, is driven by Batman until it is destroyed by Bane. “I like the Tumbler too, but this is definitely number one,” Redditor kungfuman104 admits.

The animated series’ Batmobile contributes to Batman’s reputation as a powerful superhero. It is extremely long, making it easily visible from a distance. While some may consider this a disadvantage, it isn’t because its presence helps instill fear in criminals. It also has a concealing mode that allows it to transform into a large container. It also has a jet engine, so speed isn’t an issue.

The Batman ’66 Convetible

The Batman ’66 Batmobile, according to Redditor alchemist5, “gets the style award.” Originally known as the Lincoln Futura, the Batmobile was designed as a Ford concept car.

Because it resembles a classic car more than an unusual machine, the Batmobile is a relatable vehicle. But it’s not at all typical. There is enough room in its double-cockpit for Batman’s best sidekicks. There is enough room in the extra-large trunk to store weapons as well. There are also plenty of tools available, including the Bat-deflector, designed to block tracking signals from reaching a distant location, and the Bat-buzzer, which allows Batman to use his Bat-phone in the Bat-cave.

Schumacherverse Batmobile

The Batman films directed by Joel Schumacher may not have been well appreciated, but ChromeBatwing likes them and calls the Batmobile featured in them “the perfect blend of old and new.” The Riddler breaks into the Batcave and eventually destroys it after Batman uses it for a while.

The Schumacherverse Batmobile has a lot of great features despite not having the best functionality. It draws attention wherever it goes thanks to the blue lights. The fact that the wheels have bat symbols on them emphasizes Batman’s assurance and pride in his role as the city’s protector.