Introduction – Big business cast

Colossal Business” first debuted back in 1988 and remains hugely famous today, interesting to crowds of all ages and foundations. A comedy parody film intended to make viewers laugh, this star-studded flick stars Bette Midler and Lily Tomlin-two legendary entertainers-who play similar but distinct parallel sets created piecemeal! As soon as this happens, comedy ensues when they get mixed up at birth! This leads to hilarious situations and miscommunication between their twin sets! In this introduction to this beloved classic we will delve deeper into its core theme – mistaken identity!

Brief Overview of the Film

“Big Business” begins in the 1940s with two couples who are pregnant – one couple is wealthy from New York while another comes from West Virginia. Both couples give birth at the same hospital but due to an accident caused by one of the nurses there, two sets of twin girls end up being switched by mistake so each family ends up with one from their own set and another’s set.

Fast forward about 40 years, and the twins have grown up. The rich twins, named Rose and Sadie Shelton, are big shots in a huge company. The other twins, also named Rose and Sadie Ratliff, work in a factory in West Virginia. The rich twins want to sell the factory, but the West Virginia twins want to stop them. They end up living together in New York, where people frequently mistake one twin for the other causing amusing miscommunication and confusion.

This movie is full of laughs while still offering serious insights into family, business, and the importance of discovering who one truly is. Some parts may appear silly at times but overall this film remains enjoyable to watch.

Mention of the Main Theme: Mistaken Identity

The big idea in “Big Business” is mistaken identity. This means that people keep getting confused about who is who because the twins look so much alike. Suppose you had a twin who closely resembled you, and individuals continued to think you were them! That is precisely exact thing occurs in this film, prompting a wide range of entertaining situations.

As an example, two twin pairs from West Virginia end up staying at the same hotel in New York. People at the hotel keep confusing them with one another, even ending up sleeping in each other’s rooms! There are also humorous scenes where both sets meet each other’s partners or bosses but no one knows which twin belongs to who.

But mistaken identity is more than just an amusing trope in this movie – it forces characters to consider who they truly are and what their goals in life are. Twin characters must determine what’s essential to them and fight hard for in order to determine how important certain values are to them – ultimately learning much about both themselves and one another in the process.

Mistaken identity can be both humorous and serious. “Big Business” reminds us that what truly counts is not only our appearance on the outside but also who we are on the inside – an invaluable lesson that should be remembered by us all.

Big business cast
Big business cast

Main Cast – Big business cast

“Big Business” features an ensemble cast comprised of talented actors who bring the characters alive. Let’s take a closer look at them all and their roles within the film.

Lily Tomlin as Rose Shelton/Rose Ratliff:

Lily Tomlin is a well-known actress and comedian, and in “Big Business,” she plays two characters: Rose Shelton and Rose Ratliff. Rose Shelton is one of the rich twins from New York, while Rose Ratliff is one of the working-class twins from West Virginia.

Rose Shelton is more laid-back and gentle compared to her sister, Sadie. On the other hand, Rose Ratliff is ambitious and determined to save the factory where she works. Lily Tomlin does an excellent job of making both characters unique and believable, even though they look exactly alike.

Bette Midler as Sadie Shelton/Sadie Ratliff:

Bette Midler is another famous actress and singer, and she also plays two characters in the movie: Sadie Shelton and Sadie Ratliff. Sadie Shelton is the more aggressive and business-minded of the New York twins, while Sadie Ratliff is more easy-going and fun-loving.

Bette Midler’s performance helps us see the differences between the two Sadies, even though they look the same. She makes each Sadie a distinct person with her own personality and goals.

Fred Ward as Roone Dimmick:

Fred Ward plays Roone Dimmick, who is Rose Ratliff’s boyfriend. He’s a down-to-earth guy who supports Rose in her fight to save the factory. Roone ends up getting mixed up in the twins’ confusion in New York, and his reactions to the mistaken identity add to the humor of the film.

Edward Herrmann as Graham Sherbourne:

Edward Herrmann plays Graham Sherbourne, one of the executives at the big company run by the Shelton twins. He seems stuffy and serious at first, but eventually gets drawn into the chaos caused by Ratliff twins’ mistakes. His character brings class and contrasts the world of big business against that of small town life of Ratliff twins.

Michele Placido as Fabio Alberici:

Michele Placido plays Fabio Alberici, an Italian businessman who wants to buy the factory. He’s charming and sophisticated, and he adds an international flair to the story. His interactions with the twins, especially with Sadie Shelton, add some romance and excitement to the film.

Big business cast
Big business cast

Supporting Cast – Big business cast

“Big Business” features an ensemble cast that includes not only its main actors but also a group of supporting actors with smaller yet still important roles within the film. These supporting characters add depth and dimension to the tale and help shape their world within which twin characters live. We should investigate them all the more intently.

Michael Gross as Dr. Jay Marshall:

Michael Gross plays Dr. Jay Marshall, a character who is engaged to New York Rose but ends up meeting West Virginia Rose. He’s a bit confused by the whole twin mix-up, but his character adds a touch of romance and confusion to the story. Dr. Marshall’s interactions with the Roses help to highlight the theme of mistaken identity that runs throughout the film.

Deborah Rush as Binky Shelton:

Deborah Rush plays Binky Shelton, the mother of the rich Shelton twins. She’s a high-society lady who appears in the beginning of the movie when the twins are born. Her character helps set the tone for the wealthy New York world that the Shelton twins come from. Binky’s reactions to the birth and the mix-up add humor and set the stage for the story to unfold.

Nicolas Coster as Hunt Shelton:

Nicolas Coster plays Hunt Shelton, the father of the Shelton twins. Hunt, a wealthy businessman, buys a furniture store to secure medical assistance for his wife when she goes into labor. Hunt’s actions at the beginning of the film set everything in motion; his character helps us understand what kind of world they come from.

Joe Grifasi as Desk Clerk:

Joe Grifasi plays the Desk Clerk at the Plaza Hotel in New York City, where much of the twin confusion takes place. He’s a funny character who keeps getting mixed up about who is who. Every time the twins come to the front desk, he gets more and more confused, and his reactions add to the comedy of the film. The Desk Clerk’s character helps to show how the twin mix-up affects everyone around them, not just the twins themselves

Conclusion – Big business cast

“Big Business” boasts an outstanding ensemble cast that works together seamlessly to bring the film’s vision to life. Each actor, from its main cast who portray identical twins and close associates to supporting cast who add depth and humor, contributes to making “Big Business” so enjoyable to watch.

Lily Tomlin and Bette Midler, playing dual roles, are the heart of the film. Their ability to create distinct personalities for each twin drives the story and keeps the audience engaged. The supporting actors, like Michael Gross, Deborah Rush, Nicolas Coster, and Joe Grifasi, add layers to the story, making it richer and more enjoyable.

Cast’s influence on a film goes beyond simply providing laughs; they also illuminate its deeper themes such as family, identity and being true to yourself. Their portrayals make the characters relatable, helping the audience connect with its narrative.

Final Thoughts on the Ensemble’s Performance

“Big Business” showcases how an accomplished cast can take an idea and transform it into something truly captivating. The actors work seamlessly, creating an environment in which mistaken identity leads to laughter, confusion and ultimately understanding.

What stands out about this film is how each actor, whether leading or supporting roles, brings something distinctive and unforgettable to each character and scene in the story. Their timing ensures comedy hits just at the right moments while emotional scenes feel authentic; overall performance balance is outstanding.

“Huge Business” may have turned out during the ’80s, however its allure actually reverberates today. The outfit execution is one explanation the film stays famous with watchers of any age and reminds us how a gifted gather functioning with enthusiasm and expertise can make films that engage as well as significant encounters.

“Big Business” is more than a silly comedy film about mismatched twins; it’s a celebration of individuality, family life and being oneself – made even more enjoyable by its cast that brings these themes to life – making “Big Business” worth revisiting time after time.