Cassie should have more scenes with a specific character in upcoming seasons of Euphoria, according to Sydney Sweeney. Even though Rue (Zendaya) receives most of the attention in the HBO series, many of the cast members gain attention as the drama of their personal lives plays out. Sweeney’s Cassie stood out among the teens in Euphoria season 2 for her equally hilarious and chilling emotional outbursts, which were brought on by her growing addiction to her best friend’s ex-boyfriend Nate (Jacob Elordi).

Some Euphoria character combos haven’t interacted as much as others due to the series’ large ensemble cast, which is made worse by the clique-like bonds of friendship explored in the show. This was brought up when Sweeney was asked why her character doesn’t spend more time with Fezco, played by Angus Cloud, the amiable and unassuming drug dealer who formed a sweet friendship with her sister Lexi (Maude Apatow) in Euphoria season 2. The actor expressed her desire to spend more time with Cloud on-screen. View Sweeney’s comments below:

“I have been saying this, I ask Sam [Levinson] all the time to please somehow connect Cassie and Fezco. I’m hoping maybe next season, I will.”

Could There Be A Connection Between Cassie & Fez In Season 3?

Cassie Actor Requests Additional Scenes With One Character In Euphoria Season 3

Depending on what happens to Fez after the Euphoria season 2 finale, Sweeney’s wish for more screen time with Cloud in season 3 might be realized. Although the character was detained following the gun battle that resulted in the death of his adopted younger brother Ash (Javon Walton), it is uncertain whether he will still be behind bars by the time season 3 premieres, particularly if the season moves ahead in time as is anticipated. If Fez is released from prison in season 3 and is still able to move around freely, his interactions with Cassie might come about naturally as a result of his developing friendship with her sister.

The sweet relationship that Fez has with Lexi has the potential to grow stronger and more trusting if he chooses to tell her about the circumstances that caused him to miss her play. The bond between Lexi and Fez may also compel Cassie to engage with her sister’s new friend more frequently. Given Cassie’s self-centered personality, she might even attempt seducing Fez in order to avenge her sister’s involvement in the play. This could cause conflict between Fez & Lexi in Euphoria season 3. If the dynamic between Fez and Lexi deteriorates in season 3, Cassie might confront Fez after seeing her as Lexi does in the play in an effort to score some brownie points with her sister.

Alternatively, if Cassie’s downward spiral continues, she might visit Fez in search of drugs or even a weapon because she thinks she needs to defend herself from Maddy (Alexa Demie) after their vicious fight. To fulfill Sweeney’s expectations for the upcoming season, if Fez decides not to engage in criminal activity in season 3 in order to avoid being arrested once more, Cassie might end up being the one to put him behind bars once more. Her interaction with the beloved Fez in season 3 would undoubtedly be entertaining after she became one of the most derided characters in Euphoria season 2.

Source: British GQ