Creed III, the third movie in the Creed series, is a highly anticipated film that will provide an amazing cinematic experience. Directed and starring Michael B. Jordan, Creed III will carry on from Creed II, following the journey of Adonis Creed in his personal and professional life.

Creed III has been hyped as a visually breathtaking movie. According to Jordan, this installment will provide a more intense and captivating experience compared to the previous ones. The film will showcase a combination of boxing and street fighting, with Jordan aiming to depict the sport in a realistic and brutal manner.

Creed III is not just about thrilling action sequences. It delves deep into the emotions. Michael B. Jordan, the actor, has expressed his intention to delve into Adonis’s inner struggles as he comes to terms with the legacy of his father, Apollo Creed, and finds his own identity in the world.

Creed III
Creed III

The Genesis

The Creed franchise is related to the Rocky franchise. It started in 1976 with the release of Rocky. The Rocky films tell the story of Rocky Balboa, a boxer from a working-class background who becomes a famous world champion.

The Creed franchise tells the tale of Adonis Creed, the son of Apollo Creed, a friend and competitor of Rocky. Adonis is a skilled boxer in his own regard, but he faces challenges in measuring up to his father’s admirable reputation.

Origins and Evolution

The Creed franchise started in 2015 when Creed was released. It was a successful film, both critically and commercially, making over $173 million globally. Critics especially loved Jordan’s portrayal of Adonis.

In 2018, a sequel titled Creed II hit the theaters. This film was hailed as a success both critically and commercially, earning over $214 million globally. Audiences and critics loved Creed II for its thrilling action scenes and the emotional complexity it brought to the story.

Director’s Vision Michael B. Jordan has expressed his intention to create a more intimate movie with Creed III. In this film, the focus will be on Adonis’s internal struggles as he deals with both the influence of his father and his own identity in society.

Jordan expressed his desire for Creed III to surpass the visual brilliance of its predecessors. He is de-termined to create a captivating and intense cinematic journey, transporting viewers into the boxing ring alongside Adonis.

Casting Chronicles

Stellar Cast

Creed III stars a group of adept actors, each with their individual strengths and understandings of their characters.

  • Michael B. Jordan reprises his role as Adonis Creed. This brilliant boxer battles with living in his father, Apollo Creed’s shadow. Jordan is a multifaceted actor proficient in action and drama. We expe-ct him to bring yet another impressive portrayal in Creed III.
  • Tessa Thompson returns as Bianca Taylor-Creed, Adonis’s wife and supporter. Thompson is a talented actress who has been praised for her natural screen presence and her ability to deliver nuanced performances. She is sure to be a highlight of Creed III, as she continues to explore the complex relationship between Bianca and Adonis.
  • Jonathan Majors joins the cast as Damian Anderson, a childhood friend of Adonis who is now a former boxing prodigy who has served time in prison. Majors is a rising star who has been praised for his intense and compelling performances. He is sure to bring a new level of energy and excitement to the Creed franchise.
Creed III
Creed III

New Faces

Creed III also introduces a number of fresh faces to the franchise.

  • Spence Moore II plays the young Damian Anderson. Moore II is a talented newcomer who is sure to make a mark in Creed III. He brings a raw energy and authenticity to the role of Damian.
  • Wood Harris wears the hat of Tony “Little Duke” Evers, a boxing promoter. The experienced Harris is a familiar face from many well-known movies and TV series. His serious talent and commanding aura are certain to add depth to the portrayal of Little Duke.
  • Mila Davis-Kent plays Amara Creed, the daughter of Adonis and Bianca. Davis-Kent is a young actress who is sure to melt hearts in Creed III. She brings a sweetness and innocence to the role of Amara.

Plot Unveiled

Plot Arcs

Creed III will weave several rich, related story arcs together.

  • Adonis’ quest to honor his father’s name will undeniably form the backbone of the movie. Despite his own merits, Adonis can’t help but compare himself to his father, feeling a continuous pressure to meet his standard.
  • Adonis and Bianca’s bond is also likely to come under considerable focus in the film. Bianca, always there for Adonis in the background, has navigated moments of tension with him. Creed III is e-yeing to delve deep into the intricate layers of their companionship.
  • Adonis’ competition with Damian Anderson is pegged to be another high-charged element of the movie. Damian, a gifted boxer not bogged down by stakes, is all set to show he can overshadow Adonis.

Easter Eggs

Creed III promises lots of hidden gems and nods for the die-hard followers of Creed and Rocky series. Keep your eyes peeled for:

*Well-loved spots from the Rocky films will be seen, like the Rocky Steps and Adrian’s Restaurant. *The movie plans to include diverse references to earlier Creed and Rocky movies. As an illustration, one scene showcases Adonis utilizing his dad’s former training apparatus. *The movie also plans to present several fresh characters, influenced by personas from the Rocky series. For instance, the film introduces a new boxing promoter, modeled after Rocky’s promoter, Mickey Goldmill.

Creed III
Creed III

Behind the Scenes

Filming Locations

Creed III was filmed in a variety of locations around the world, including:

  • Atlanta, Georgia Atlanta served as the primary filming location for Creed Movie. The film’s production team took advantage of the city’s diverse landscape, filming scenes in everything from bustling street corners to luxurious mansions.
  • Los Angeles, California Los Angeles is another major city that features prominently in Creed III. The film’s production team filmed scenes at iconic locations such as the Arena and Dodger Stadium.
  • Mexico City, Mexico In Mexico City, Creed III showcases several scenes. The production team filmed these scenes at different locations, such as the Palacio de los Deportes and the Zócalo.

Production Challenges

The filmmakers behind Creed Movie faced a number of challenges during production. One of the biggest challenges was filming the boxing scenes. The film’s production team wanted to create realistic and visually stunning boxing sequences, and this required a great deal of planning and coordination.

Another challenge was filming in multiple locations. The film’s production team had to carefully plan out the filming schedule and logistics to ensure that the film could be shot on time and within budget.

Technical Triumphs

Cinematography Brilliance

In the cinematography is absolutely stunning. Kramer Morgenthau, the film’s cinematographer, utilized a range of techniques to craft a visually captivating and intense journey for viewers.

For example, Morgenthau used a Steadicam to create long, flowing shots that follow Adonis through the boxing ring. He also used slow motion to capture the impact of punches and the intensity of Adonis’s emotions.

Soundtrack Magic

The soundtrack of Creed Movie is bound to stand out in the film. Ludwig Göransson, the composer, has crafted a score that beautifully matches the emotional arc of the story.

The soundtrack includes a blend of hip hop, electronic music, and orchestral arrangements. Göransson aimed to craft an energetic and emotional soundtrack, and he unquestionably achieved that goal.

Impact on the Franchise

Franchise Evolution

Creed III is set to make a big impact on the Creed series. The movie aims to tell a more personal and emotional story compared to the earlier films. It will also showcase boxing scenes that are visually stunning and filled with excitement.

Creed III is set to introduce several fresh characters and storylines, enhancing the Creed universe and paving the way for future franchise installments.

Creed III is anticipated to attract a larger audience compared to its predecessors. The movie’s emphasis on Adonis’s inner battles and his rivalry with Damian Anderson will surely strike a chord with not just boxing enthusiasts, but also a broader range of viewers.

Fan Expectations

Fan expectations are soaring for Creed III. The movie has created immense excitement ever since its announcement, and fans are eagerly awaiting Michael B. Jordan’s vision for the film.

Fans are eagerly anticipating Creed III to bring a greater sense of intimacy and emotion compared to its predecessors. Additionally, they are hoping for breathtaking boxing sequences that surpass any seen before, both in terms of excitement and visual spectacle.

Fans have high hopes for Creed III. They’re excited about the possibility of new characters and storylines being introduced to expand the Creed universe. Creed III is expected to be a significant event for the franchise.


Creed III is a highly anticipated film in the Creed franchise. It is set to have a significant impact and introduce new characters and plotlines. The film aims to deliver a more personal and emotional story compared to previous installments. Alongside that, it boasts visually stunning boxing sequences. Creed III is expected to expand the Creed universe and appeal to a wider audience, making it a must-see for cinema fans.

Creed III FAQs

When is Creed III released?

Creed III was released in the United States on March 3, 2023.

Who is the director of Creed III?

Creed III is directed by Michael B. Jordan.

Who stars in Creed III?

Creed III stars Michael B. Jordan, Tessa Thompson, Jonathan Majors, Spence Moore II, Wood Harris, and Mila Davis-Kent.

What is the plot of Creed III?

In Creed III, Adonis Creed fights to uphold his father’s esteemed legacy, Apollo Creed. Simultaneously, Adonis faces challenges due to his contentious relationship with Damian Anderson. Coming from their shared past as children, Damian is a defunct boxing genius who has spent significant time behind bars.

Will there be any Easter eggs in Creed III for fans of the Rocky and Creed franchises?

Yes, Creed III is sure to be packed with Easter eggs and references for loyal fans of the Creed and Rocky franchises. The film is set to feature a number of iconic locations from the Rocky films, as well as a number of callbacks to previous Creed and Rocky films.

Will there be a Creed IV?

We can’t say for sure if a Creed IV will happen. Yet, Creed III did very well, which might provoke a fourth film in the series.