In an interview with Screen Rant, director Elegance Bratton discusses how he’d approach Blade and why he feels such a strong personal connection to the character. The Inspection, Bratton’s directorial debut, opens in theaters tomorrow but has already received praise from a number of film festivals. The Inspection is a highly personal and semi-autobiographical film that follows Ellis French through Marine Corps boot camp after his mother rejects him due to his sexuality. Due to scheduling conflicts, Blade director Bassam Tariq left in September.

Following Tariq’s departure, Marvel Studios started searching for a new director to oversee the project. Rumors began to circulate at the end of October that Bratton would be taking over as director of Blade. Bratton discusses how he would approach Blade if he were to direct the upcoming MCU film in an interview with ScreenRant. He discusses how he connects with the character on a personal level and what type of humor he would like to see in Blade. Bratton also expresses a desire to collaborate with Mahershala Ali on a “really fun action movie.”

Screen Rant: “There have been a lot of rumors that you might be taking over the Blade movie for Marvel Studios. How would you approach the character if given the chance to do Blade and are there elements of the storytelling that you would incorporate from The Inspection into Blade?”

Elegance Bratton: “Well, I think yes for sure. I’m very much interested in a contemplative and thoughtful camera approach when it comes to filming Black actors. I think a lot of times we observe and dissect difference in cinema rather than spend time. So, I think I would want to kind of spend that time to bring Blade into a more recognizably human place. Secondarily Blade’s story is very much my story. This is a young Black man, abandoned by his mom and I would really want to explore that. And I guess the last thing is Blade, as a Black man, if you go to a barber shop the conspiracy theories around Whiteness, Blackness, immortality all sorts of things are kind of swirling around.”

“So, in that kind of Marvel-esque humor, I would want to bring some of that barber shop humor into it because I’ve been in conversations about Blade with 5 percenters and Black Israelites, and kind of all these…I think Blade kind of as a mythological character exists in a lot of different parts of the American consciousness that I would love to poke around in and provoke with. But ultimately, it’s an action movie. It’s fun. Vampires are sexy and fun and I want to make a really fun action film. And the fact that Mahershala is playing Blade, he’s one of the best actors on God’s green Earth, and I like working with great actors.”

What Elegance Bratton As A Director Can Bring To The MCU’s Blade

Elegance Bratton Discusses His Approach To Marvel's Blade
Elegance Bratton

Bratton has clearly considered how he would handle Blade as a director. Bratton appears to have a unique understanding of the depth of Blade as a character and how to make this a very layered and rich film. He also understands that Blade must be an action film. His connection to Blade as a young Black man abandoned by his mother demonstrates a profound understanding & potentially strong base for Blade’s origins. Bratton’s thought process on how he would shoot the film, including bringing conspiracy theory and barbershop-style humor into the MCU and dissecting how Blade fits into to the American consciousness as a mythological character, demonstrates his insight and potential approach.

Marvel has demonstrated their ability to explore horror with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Werewolf by Night, & Moon Knight. With the introduction of Jack Russell, Elsa Bloodstone, and Man-Thing, Werewolf By Night established the MCU’s horror corner. Although Blade is basically already a member of the MCU thanks to a cameo by Mahershala Ali in the Eternals post-credit scene. Werewolf By Night is inspired by classic monster movies, and Blade has the potential to set the tone for a darkened, more action-heavy horror look within the MCU. Blade’s backstory is complicated and rich, with his hatred for vampires stemming from the murder of his mother when she was giving birth to him. Bratton’s personal experiences demonstrate his awareness of abandonment, as Well as the Inspection demonstrates his ability to translate that understanding into film.

Looking at Bratton’s The Inspection and also how he wants to approach Blade, he could highlight the character’s humanity without avoiding the pain and violence. Exploring the pain of abandonment, as well as Blade’s hatred for vampires, as well as the fact that he is part vampire, makes for a deeply personal story. Bratton recognizes that Blade will need to strike a balance between this level of pain, appropriate humor, and precise action. Although Bratton hasn’t confirmed his involvement, his well-thought-out method and great knowledge of the character are intriguing, and he could be the ideal director to direct Blade.

Source : ScreenRant