Fans of Warrior Nun are urging Netflix to “correct [its] mistake” by restoring the show on Twitter. Simon Barry’s fantasy drama series, based on the Warrior Nun Areala comic book character, debuted on Netflix in 2020. Season 2 of the Alba Baptista-starring series debuted on streaming services in November after receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews from viewers and critics alike. Despite the show’s fervent following, Netflix cancelled Warrior Nun in December. This prompted a #SaveWarriorNun campaign, which has so far been unsuccessful. After the show was canceled, Barry declared that he would try to bring it back on a different network or streaming service.

Now, a large number of fans have returned to Twitter to call for Netflix to change its decision to cancel Warrior Nun. The movement comes as viewers’ annoyance with Netflix’s frequent cancellation of shows after just one or two seasons is rising. The phrase “NETFLIX CORRECT YOUR MISTAKE,” which has since become a global trending topic, is the latest rallying cry from Warrior Nun fans. Here are a few tweets to look at:

How The Netflix Cancellation Streak Is Exemplified By Warrior Nun

Fans Of A Canceled Netflix Show Want The Company To Fix The Error

Despite the fact that the Warrior Nun fan base appears to have organized the most significant campaign to date to overturn a Netflix cancellation decision, this is far from the first time the streaming service has faced criticism for its decision to end a show. Similar circumstances led to the cancellation of the Wachowskis’ sci-fi drama Sense8 in 2017 after just two seasons. Even Netflix responded to the decision’s fan backlash by saying that they had taken their feedback into consideration but that their decision would stand. In order to give fans closure, the streamer later partially reversed this decision and mandated a two-hour finale. However, there have been a lot of other well-known Netflix cancellations since Sense8 that have disappointed viewers.

After only one season, Netflix last year decided to cancel The Midnight Club. This was a surprising decision given the streamer’s close relationship with Mike Flanagan, the man behind popular shows like The Haunting of Hill House & Midnight Mass. Other show cancellations, however, have come as less of a shock. Examples include Resident Evil, which at best caused controversy, and Blockbuster, which received extremely poor reviews. Recently, 1899, a series that received mostly positive reviews as well as a spot on Netflix’s Top 10 list, was canceled. This was another somewhat high-profile cancellation. Not all of Netflix’s show cancellation choices are shocking or even controversial, but many of them raise concerns about how popular a show must be to merit more seasons.

Although it’s unclear if Netflix will give in to fan pressure regarding Warrior Nun, it does seem unlikely given the precedent that such a move would unavoidably set for future show cancellations. Audiences are now living in a time when streaming services are forced to be more selective when it comes to the tv show they renew due to a large amount of spending on content over the past few years, as has been demonstrated by the recent HBO Max content purges. In the end, it seems like Netflix and other streamers would do better to concentrate on producing fewer, higher-quality shows as opposed to spreading their nets as widely as possible and giving the go-ahead for a variety of shows that, if they don’t become huge hits like Stranger Things, will have to be canceled after only one or two seasons.

Source: Various/ Twitter