Gotham Knights behind-the-scenes footage teases Misha Collins’ transformation into the evil Two Face. A new CW program called Gotham Knights explores what happens after Batman (David Alexander Miller) is killed and how it affects everyone in Gotham City, especially the Dark Knight’s adopted son. Gotham Knights has drawn harsh criticism for having released its trailer soon after it was revealed that Batwoman season 3 would not be renewed, but the show is once more stepping up its marketing.

Collins, who won praise for his lengthy portrayal of Castiel in Supernatural, has been genuinely excited about his upcoming role as Harvey Dent on Gotham Knights because of how different it is from his time spent as the largely sympathetic Castiel. In a New Year’s update, the actor revealed the makeup techniques used to transform him into a scarred, partially burned villain. Collins posted the video on his Twitter account just before the clock struck midnight so that fans could share in the excitement. Below, you can see his transformation:

The Information We Have On Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights BTS Teases Misha Collins' Two-Face Prosthetics
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Turner Hayes, Batman’s adopted son, will be followed in the adventures of Gotham Knights, portrayed by Oscar Morgan. After Batman is killed, Hayes is compelled to work with a group that is being blamed for the crime in an effort to bring justice to Gotham City and exonerate the wrongdoers. Behind-the-scenes photos have already revealed Batman’s demise; what remains to be seen is how the following generation will cope with the loss of the hero and identify the true perpetrator.

A number of lesser-known Batman characters will be in the cast, seizing the chance to gain recognition on a bigger stage. An alternative version of Robin, Carrie Kelley, will be played by Navia Robinson; Bluebird, another Batman sidekick, will be played by Fallon Smythe; Cullen Row, Bluebird’s brother, will be portrayed by Tyler DiChiara; Stephanie Brown, the Cluemaster’s daughter, will be portrayed by Anna Lore; and Rahart Adams, the son of the eminent Lincoln March, will be portrayed by Rahart Adams. Batman’s demise was depicted in the Gotham Knights trailer, which also gave viewers a glimpse of the new heroes.

The Gotham Knights are a more brutal iteration of the Bat-family in the comic books, so the show may be harsher, unlike many Batman spin-offs. The team will need to be able to work completely independently because they will not benefit from Batman’s alliance with the police department because the Knights have been falsely accused of killing him. They won’t even be able to rely on their parents since so many of them are the offspring of supervillains. Although DiChiara has hinted that there are still more secrets to be revealed, there has been some criticism of the Gotham Knights’ lack of super suits in terms of the show’s aesthetic.

Source: Misha Collins / Twitter