Henry Cavill responds to recent rumors about his possible participation in House of the Dragon season 2, revealing whether he’d be interested in starring in the Game of Thrones spin-off. Cavill is well-known for his roles in The Witcher and the DC Extended Universe. After a successful first season, House of the Dragon season 2 is set to premiere in 2024.

House of the Dragon, set many years before the events of Game of Thrones, follows the reign of Rhaenyra Targaryen (Milly Alcock and Emma D’Arcy), whose appointment as King Viserys’ (Paddy Considine) heir sparks a struggle for the throne. The second season will continue adapting author George R.R. Martin’s book Fire & Blood, with several characters appearing to be waiting in the wings. Though little information about House of the Dragon season 2 has been released, rumors have circulated online that Cavill has joined the cast. Some fans have speculated about who Cavill could play in the Game of Thrones universe as a result of this.

Cavill was asked whether recent rumors about him possibly having a role in both House of the Dragon season 2 and Loki season 2 were true during a live on-stage interview with Josh Horowitz of Happy Sad Confused podcast. While Cavill joked about the similarities in both his Witcher character Geralt of Rivia and the Targaryens, the actor confirmed that he would not be appearing on the show. Cavill’s full response is below:

“To be fair, when I was watching House of the Dragon, I was like “I feel like a lot of these guys could make really good Witchers…” I think it would be cool to be in Westeros, I really do. I don’t think there’s a place for me in there, though.”

Why Hasn’t Henry Cavill Been Cast In House Of The Dragon Season 2?

Henry Cavill Addresses Rumors About House of The Dragon Season 2 Casting

With Cavill apparently contributing extensively to The Witcher with his personal knowledge of the fantasy series and past conversations about his hobbies, it’s easy to see why many people think he’s the best actor to join House of the Dragon. However, the actor’s schedule is now full for the foreseeable future. Not only is he slated to promote Enola Holmes 2 and The Witcher Season 3, but he is also due to star in Matthew Vaughn’s next spy flick Argylle. Furthermore, Cavill made his DC comeback as Superman in Black Adam’s post-credits scene, with Warner Bros. Discovery reportedly interested in having the actor reprise his role in future films.

While Cavill’s departure from The Witcher after season three may have freed up some time in his schedule, the star remains one of Hollywood’s most successful and busy performers. With House of the Dragon now scheduled for a 2024 release, it is clear why Cavill may be unable to travel to Westeros at this time. With Cavill revealing that he is a fan of the show, maybe the actor will make a small cameo later in House of the Dragon’s run.

Source: Josh Horowitz