Players in the well-known mobile game Hero Wars create a group of heroes to engage in combat and fulfill jobs. Turn-based combat is an element of the game, and to beat the enemy, players must choose their heroes and abilities carefully.

 There are many forms of play in Hero Wars, featuring a campaign mode, a tower defense mode, and multiplayer combat. Every hero in the game has a distinct set of unique skills and powers, which players can acquire and enhance. 

Faceless is a hero in Hero Wars who is a member of the Faceless faction. He is a rogue with powers that allow him to confuse his opponents while shielding himself from attack. 

Furthermore, he has a distinctive ability to mimic an opponent hero’s physical characteristics and skills and can deal damage as time passes. In this article, we will explore the Hero Wars Faceless character more.

Who Is Hero Wars Faceless?

Hero Wars Faceless is a particular mage skilled in causing enormous harm in a brief amount of time. The diverse skills of Faceless helped lead to the character’s broad popularity. Since he was the most brilliant kid at the School of Mystics, Faceless never got singled out for special praise by his teachers. 

He was the sort to keep to himself and was feared by many in his area due to his unique ability. Nobody has a clue what’s going happening underneath that strange mask. Since he can imitate the appearance and powers of another hero, he is a complex adversary to battle.

 This skill is one of the qualities that define him differently. Furthermore, Faceless can impact the battlefield by changing the opponents’ locations and limiting their mobility. 

Because of his powers, he is a valuable asset in both the PvE and PvP game types. He is also a hero who can be employed in a number of different team compositions, which lends to his flexibility.


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Different Types Of Skills Faceless Use

  • Power Throw: Raises the closest opponent above the ground and subsequently releases them at the opposing team’s core, inflicting harm and shocking opponents in the vicinity of action as they drop.
  • Doppelganger: Changes form to the opponent or teammate who most recently used the first skill, followed by uses that ability in their place.
  • Spell Expert: Passive ability. Enhances the team’s resilience against magical damage.
  • Chain Lightning: It releases a magic missile with a ricocheting impact that produces harm and temporarily reduces the physical attack of up to three opponents for four seconds.

Hero Wars Faceless’s initial particular skill allows him to imitate other individuals and perform their talents while adopting their looks. This capacity additionally permits him to take on their physical traits. He is a hero with great promise and could be an influential asset on many teams. There are cases of Faceless on great teams.

What Are The Skins Facelss Has?

The following is a list of a few of Hero Wars Faceless’s outstanding skins: 

  • The first player to successfully wield the Star Shape for a Magical Attack.
  • Also, the Sun Shape can be used for magical attacks.
  • The third is referred to as the Basic Shape of Intelligence. 
  • And finally, the Masquerade Shape for Health is the final option.


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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hero Wars Faceless


  • At every point of the game, it is still essential.
  • Have control capabilities.
  • Due to their fourth skill, they are suitable for battling magic packs.
  • Simple getting and pump.
  • It can benefit an extensive range of groups; therefore, pumping him is almost always reasonable.
  • If coupled with mages, it does cause a substantial amount of extra harm.
  • It covers the absence of an influential magical defense tanks offer.


  • Having the capacity to duplicate the wrong skill.
  • Regardless of the game’s widespread appeal amongst players, newcomers could find it uninteresting and tedious.
  • It contains meaningless talents and cannot be used with every character simultaneously.

Is Hero Wars Game Worth Playing?

The Nexters Global Ltd Company built the game Hero Wars, which has been downloaded more than 200 thousand times and has an estimated file size of 200MB. Hero Wars is free to play, but you can also spend real cash at the item store to get specific rare stuff. 

Hero Wars’ gameplay is straightforward to master since you only need to focus on the plot or campaign. Hero Wars has decent visuals, is vibrant, and won’t bore you. I enjoy this game since the character visuals stick out from those in other games, and the skill impacts employed by every character are genuinely spectacular. 

I put Hero Wars’ visuals at 7 out of 10. How can you obtain those characters? Acquire more than 50 powerful, different heroes to strengthen your squad. You must finish your campaign; occasionally, at a certain point, you get your heroes. 

Only the five most powerful heroes can be placed in combat. How deep into the campaign can you play? You’ll find 13 campaigns containing 190 tasks; the further you develop, the more challenging your opponent becomes. 

But relax; for every task you achieve, you’ll be given valuable and uncommon loot. Every character can have powerful weapons set in them; check that it is appropriate for the class of the hero. You can additionally level up your characters by sacrificing 10 of them; the more significant your hero level, the more influential the target will be. 

Each stage or task offers three phases inside; in the final scene, in addition to any other stages or tasks in every campaign chapter, you will fight the boss. Furthermore, you can join a guild to participate in guild combat with your other members. This game is appropriate and worthy of your time.


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Hero Wars Faceless is a brilliant hero who will discover an appropriate place in many unique groups. It deals significant harm and is an excellent complement to magic teams emphasizing armor penetration. 

As a result of their second skill, physical packs gain substantially from their use. Good with Luthor, healing him, and rolling tanks behind Peppy’s shield. Makes up for the absence of tanks with less emphasis on magical defenses. Simple to obtain and fast to level up to the highest attainable star. Hero Wars Faceless is suggested for newbies.


How Exactly Does The Faceless Hero In Hero Wars Work?

The opponent closest to you is carried into the air and dumped in the middle of the opposing team. It impacts every opponent within the successful range, inflicting harm and stunning them for two seconds.

Which Hero In Hero Wars Is The Most Tricky To Obtain?

Cleaver is one of the most challenging characters to acquire in the game. However, if you do, he’s highly beneficial. He could kill those weak mages at the back by employing his “Rusty Hook” skill, which brings the farthest hero to the front.

How Can You Earn Gold In Hero Wars

In Hero Wars, there are several options to earn gold, like fulfilling regular and weekly missions and events, selling things achieved using gameplay, and guild incentives. Yet, making runs in the tower is a particularly efficient way to acquire an immense quantity of gold quickly.