Following his mysterious DCU project tease & James Gunn’s confusing social media post, Aquaman actor Jason Momoa answers to Lobo suspicions. Since Momoa hinted that one of his DCU ambitions will be realized under Gunn & Peter Safran’s DC Studios leadership, many have speculated on what project it may be. Not long after Momoa made those remarks, Gunn posted a photograph of Lobo on his new Mastadon profile, sparking speculation that the two situations are linked.

In a new interview with CBR, the Aquaman star is asked to comment on recent postings and explain what is going on. When asked to “blink twice” to see if Momoa’s DCU dream project is about Lobo, he responds diplomatically without absolutely declaring yes or no. Momoa has the following to say:

“Well I have to obviously blink, so there’s no way I can get out of this without blinking, but you know that would be amazing if that happened. I’m just happy that [James] Gunn is at the helm and [Peter] Safran, who is just like my heart. So I’m in good hands and I think comic book fans around the world are going to be very excited.”

How Jason Momoa Can Play Both Lobo And Aquaman

Jason Momoa Reacts To Lobo Rumors About His Dream DC Universe Project

While no official announcements about a Lobo DCU project have been made, there are ways Momoa might play the beloved alien bounty hunter while continuing to feature as Aquaman in the Justice League-based reality. Warner Bros. has been experimenting with putting up continuities that exist on their own rather than hooking into the DCU for the previous few years, even before DC Studios began. From Matt Reeves’ The Batman franchise to Todd Phillips’ Joker franchise, the respective movie series have allowed for new views on the characters that do not clash with anything going on in the DC Universe.

Momoa could easily play Lobo in a separate universe if Gunn and Safran keep investing in franchises that can survive outside of the DCU. Michael Bay was apparently eyed to helm a live-action Lobo film for Warner Bros. several years ago, but no progress has been made on the project since 2018. Even if Bay is no longer involved, DC Studios may be re-developing a Lobo project, this time with a method for Momoa to play him without conflicting with his Aquaman duties in the DCU.

Considering Lobo being a personal favorite of Momoa’s, it would be a lot of fun for him to play the bounty hunter in his own universe. It would have been a different issue if the potential Lobo project had taken place in the DC Universe, which is why Momoa couldn’t play him while also playing Aquaman in the same world. Lobo has had little screen time outside of Emmett J. Scanlan’s portrayal on SYFY’s short-lived Krypton TV show, which was also creating a spinoff show for the character. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before Momoa’s fantasy DCU project is revealed, whether or not it has anything to do with Lobo.

Source: CBR