Joe Jonas reveals that he tried out for the role of Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man, which eventually went to Andrew Garfield. Five years after Sam Raimi’s successful Spider-Man trilogy starring Tobey Maguire, the franchise was rebooted with a new face behind the mask. Garfield first played Spider-Man in 2012, and he reprised the role in 2014’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and 2021’s Spider-Man: No Way Home. Garfield’s portrayal of Peter Parker and his alter-ego differed from Maguire’s, with more arrogance as Peter and snark as Spider-Man. Though his Peter received some criticism, viewers praised his witty Web-slinger.

Despite Garfield’s success as the main character, which has grown since his appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home, several other actors, including Josh Hutcherson and, apparently, singer/songwriter/actor Jonas, were considered for the role at the time. During an appearance in the Just For Variety podcast, Jonas, who is prepared to star in the war drama Devotion, recalls the roles that slipped through his fingers over the years, naming Spider-Man just at top of the list and even claiming he has a Spider-Man suit he “would try on occasionally back in the day.” Although he was sad to lose the role, Jonas thinks Garfield was the best choice for the role and appreciates the audition experience. See what he has to say about it below:

“I can name probably a couple [roles]. In the moment, you’re destroyed or you’re defeated. But you realize this person was brilliant. I remember years ago I was up for Spider-Man and I was so, so excited and it was the year Andrew Garfield got it. Obviously, he was the right one. But I remember that was a big thing at the time, going back for callbacks and the director used to be a music video director. So I was like, ‘I got an in here.’ But you know what? I love the process of auditioning and putting yourself out there and having to prove yourself.”

How The Amazing Spider-Man Would Have Been Different With Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas Talks About Losing the Spider-Man Role To Andrew Garfield

While Garfield began his career with theatrical experience and training before steadily building his reputation with television and film roles, Jonas took a different path. The star was first recognized for his musical abilities alongside his brothers, and he rose to prominence as a member of the popular boy band The Jonas Brothers. Three years later, in 2008, he made his film debut in the Disney Channel film Camp Rock, & he went on to star in a tv show called Jonas with his brothers.

While Jonas has some acting experience, he is better known for his musical career, though his description of the audition process makes it clear that he hoped to expand his acting portfolio by branching out and seeking out new projects. Taking on the role of Spider-Man would almost certainly have cemented Jonas as a movie star, but his performance as the superhero would almost certainly have been criticized despite his acting abilities. As previously stated, viewers chastised Garfield’s portrayal of Peter for not being nerdy or awkward enough, so having an internationally recognized pop singer like Jonas in the role will indeed likely not have gone down well with those hoping for a more comic-accurate portrayal of the beloved hero.

Because of Jonas’ celebrity in 2012, The Amazing Spider-Man would have been less immersive, as viewers would have struggled to separate the pop star from the character of Peter. Furthermore, Jonas’ hectic schedule may have hampered the demanding filming process for the comic book films, potentially leading to a longer postponement between The Amazing Spider-Man and Also the Amazing Spider-Man 2, or the sequel not being made at all. Though Jonas’ fans would have likely brought in a larger audience to the franchise, he is correct in stating that Garfield was the right choice, especially after Garfield was able to bring the character back and provide his fans with closure in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Source: Just For Variety Podcast