Jenna Coleman teases her reappearance as sorceress Johanna Constantine in the successful Netflix program The Sandman on social media. The Sandman, based on Neil Gaiman’s comics, released on Netflix in August to rave acclaim from both consumers and critics. Despite swiftly becoming one of the streamer’s most watched shows, a statement about The Sandman season 2 eluded viewers for several months, with the streamer just recently stating that new episodes are in the works. Morpheus (Tom Sturridge), ruler of the Dreaming, goes out to restore order to his realm and collect his things after being imprisoned for 100 years.

Morpheus meets Johanna Constantine while on his quest to reclaim his helm, sand, and ruby. Despite the fact that the original material contained both Johanna and the more well-known John Constantine, the show chose to blend the two magic users into one character, played by Coleman. The necromancer and occult detective appears seldom in The Sandman, yet he makes an impact. Coleman not only plays Constantine in the present day, but also Lady Johanna Constantine, the character’s 18th-century ancestor, in The Sandman.

Jenna Coleman teased Johanna Constantine’s return on Instagram after the revelation that The Sandman saga will continue. Coleman shares a snapshot of herself in role with Tom Sturridge’s Morpheus, along by a statement that simply suggests that more Constantine is on the way. Coleman’s message is brief, but fans in the comments are definitely pleased about Constantine’s comeback.

How The Sandman Can Resurrect Jenna Coleman’s Johanna Constantine

Johanna Constantine Return Teased By The Sandman Star In New Post

Even though Johanna Constantine was a minor character in The Sandman original source, Coleman’s performance of the necromancer won over fans despite only featuring in a few episodes, thus she may play a larger role in future plots. While no official narrative for The Sandman’s further episodes has been released, Gaiman’s comics hint that Constantine will play a significant part when Lucifer (Gwendoline Christie) seeks her vengeance on Morpheus after the events of season 1. Lady Johanna Constantine may possibly make a reappearance, with potential plots surrounding Morpheus’ experiences in the 18th century.

It’s unclear how Constantine will appear in The Sandman, but Gaiman clearly loves the character and has shown interest in a Johanna Constantine Netflix series. Morpheus and Constantine may not have had much screen time together in the program, but future episodes may see the two characters team together in some capacity. While many concerns remain concerning Constantine’s position in future episodes of The Sandman, Coleman is clearly eager to return to work, and fans are eager to see what happens next.

Source: Jenna Coleman/ Instagram