Lindsay Lohan has expressed interest in becoming a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Many people are aware of Lohan’s journey, which was launched into mainstream at a young age and has been heavily tracked & analyzed for years. After starring in a number of beloved and commercially successful films, including Freaky Friday, Mean Girls, and Herbie: Fully Loaded, the actress faced a string of negative press and personal struggles, prompting her to take a break from acting. However, Lohan has been gradually returning to the screen, and her latest collaboration with Netflix is widely regarded as an official comeback.

In a new interview with Forbes, Lohan addressed her latest movie, Falling for Christmas, that she executive produced, as well as her future plans. The actress stated that she prefers to “see what happens,” but that romantic comedies are something she’ll continue to seek out. Regarding other genres, she stated that she has yet to work in action and would “love to get involved with Marvel.” Read the rest of Lohan’s comments about her future interests below:

“I think I’m always the kind of person that I see what comes and take it as it comes, wherever the scripts lead me. I love doing ‘rom coms’ so that’s always something that I’m going to look for and do a ton of when the time is right, but there’s definitely other – I’ve never done an action film. I would love to do something with Marvel – just seeing what comes my way and I’m open to different roles.”

Lindsay Lohan’s Potential MCU Roles

Lindsay Lohan Would Like To Be A Part Of The MCU
Lindsay Lohan

Back in 2014, Lohan disclosed that she auditioned for a role in The Avengers but did not get it. Rumor has it that the actress auditioned for the role of Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff before it was given to Elizabeth Olsen. Even so, with Marvel’s vast source material covering a wide range of stories and individuals, she could play a variety of characters in the future. Much of the discussion about the MCU’s future has centered on the intro of mutants and also the eventual arrival of the X-Men. If they decide to follow in the footsteps of the early 2000s films, one possible candidate is Jean Grey, the telekinetic scientist with red hair.

Another character Lohan could play is Dakota North, the daughter of an ex-CIA agent who utilizes her combat and investigative skills to aid various heroes such as Daredevil. The MCU isn’t known for its non-superpowered protagonists, but having more of them could lead to interesting plot developments & fight scenes. There are also numerous characters from Sony’s Spider-Man universe who have either crossed over or will cross over into the MCU, which means Lohan could land a role outside of the main franchise. Given the current trend of variants, she also could appear as an established hero at some point.

Lohan’s 2nd Netflix movie, Irish Wish, is scheduled for release next year, and with the actress already talking about a Freaky Friday sequel, it appears that her return to major motion pictures will be sooner rather than later. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of movies she gets in the near future, and if her acting comeback can result in a new role in the MCU. Fans are eager to learn what ‘s ahead for Lindsay Lohan and it will support her in whatever endeavor she chooses.

Source: Forbes