Marvel was concerned that Limitless with Chris Hemsworth would kill the actor. For over a decade, Hemsworth has challenged the limits of strength training in order to keep his chiseled superhero muscle tone as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, Hemsworth’s new reality series, Limitless, tries to push the actor even further in his quest to discover the full potential of the human body. Limitless, directed by Oscar nominee Darren Aronofsky, features Hemsworth performing death-defying stunts such as swimming in Arctic waters and walking along a skyscraper crane.

During a recent episode on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Hemsworth discussed putting his body to a test in Limitless, which alarmed Marvel. Hemsworth injured his ankle while training for an intense stunt which involved climbing a 100-foot-tall rope. This elicited an unusual response from Marvel. Read on to find out what he said:

I said, “Great, we’ll do it before I shoot Thor.” Anyway, I started training, I blow my ankle out, and Marvel stepped in and said, “No. The show that might kill him, you can do that after our film.”

Chris Hemsworth’s Importance In The MCU

Marvel Was Concerned That Chris Hemsworth's Reality Show Would Kill Him

Given Hemsworth’s importance to the MCU, it’s reasonable that Marvel would want to safeguard the actor at all costs. Thor is the only original Avenger left in the MCU, leading his own sub-franchise that is still going strong after four installments. Thor: Love and Thunder’s conclusion appeared to set up Hemsworth’s God of Thunder for more adventures with his adopted daughter, Love, in Thor 5, with the credits stating clearly that Thor will return. Hercules was also established as a viable candidate for the hero’s next antagonist in the mid-credits scene. However, as of now, Marvel has yet to confirm Thor’s upcoming MCU appearance, leaving speculation to run wild online.

Hemsworth has appeared in all four Avengers films as Thor, so it’s likely he’ll return in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty & Avengers: Secret Wars, which are set to be released in 2025 and 2026, respectively. Thor is one of the team’s greatest senior members, so he could be leading the Avengers next time they meet on screen. If Marvel has long-term plans for Thor, they have even more reason to protect Hemsworth and temporarily halt production of his daring documentary series.

While audiences are accustomed to seeing Hemsworth in swashbuckling adventures as Thor, Limitless will feature the actor in actual heroics. Staying in peak physical condition is an important part of playing the immortal superhero, but in Limitless, Hemsworth ventures outside of the gym and attempts a series of physical feats aimed at combating the aging process by reducing stress, shocking the body, & building strength. Limitless, starring Chris Hemsworth, will be available on Disney+ on November 16.

Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live