Warning: SPOILERS for Mary Jane & Black Cat #2

Mary Jane, Spider-longtime Man’s girlfriend, has a serious problem, and she might end up dying before she even begins to master her new superpowers. The Dark Web event has altered the entire Marvel Universe, and although the majority of superheroes are coping with inanimate objects becoming alive and attacking civilians, others embark on journeys to mystical realms. In Mary Jane & Black Cat #2, Mary Jane, one of these people, learns that having special abilities has a cost. Black Cat is another one of these people.

While Peter Parker encircled himself with an increasing number of superheroes and magicians, Mary Jane has remained one of the more realistic characters in the Spider-Man mythos. All of that changed with the release of Spider-Man: One More Day in 2007, when Peter struck a horribly foolish deal with the Devil to save Aunt May’s life in return for marrying Mary Jane. Since then, their relationship has fluctuated over the years, but Mary Jane has also gotten close to Felicia Hardy, also known as the Black Cat.

In Mary Jane & Black Cat #2, which was written by Jed MacKay and illustrated by Vincenzo Carratu, Mary Jane & Black Cat are trapped in Limbo and are searching for a magic sword that will free them from the dreadful realm. While inside, Mary Jane developed slot machine-based abilities, gaining new skills based on the outcome of the spin; however, a skull icon produces a nearly useless skill. But three skulls, Mary Jane muses. I don’t know what happens next, and I have no intention of finding out. She has two children in her fresh start after Peter, and she doesn’t want to take any chances that could harm her or them.

Mary Jane Could Die From Her “Jackpot” Powers

Mary Jane Watson's New Abilities Have The Potential To Kill Her
Marvel Comics

It’s unclear exactly what might occur if Mary Jane spins three skulls, but it’s possible that she could be killed by her own abilities. The entire Dark Web event is full of surprises, even though the majority of them are fairly lighthearted, and Limbo is a strange place (the event did begin as a Christmas-themed story, after all). What will occur when 3 skulls appear is a question that must be answered because it is highly unlikely that Mary Jane will pass away by the end of the story.

She could lose someone else who is important to her, which would be a terrible possibility. That would be Black Cat in this series, and Felicia has always stood up for herself. Mary Jane’s powers are largely unknown, especially their origin, and only characters like the recently deceased Doctor Strange would be able to explain them. Mary Jane can hardly help herself when she does not really know how to control her newfound powers, and not even Spider-Man can help her with them.

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