Netflix has just launched its latest ad-supported tier, but classic titles such as Arrested Development and House of Cards are still unavailable. Both series helped the company shift from DVD-by-mail service to becoming the first significant global online streaming platform. Netflix has dominated the pop culture landscape in the years since the development of both series, with hit series and films such as Stranger Things, Squid Game, Red Notice, and upcoming projects such as the Knives Out sequel Glass Onion.

Netflix has been making headlines recently as it works to maintain its dominance in the streaming industry. Earlier this year, the company lost subscribers for the first time in a decade, causing industry concern and prompting a restructuring of there own original content strategy to focus less on blockbuster projects like the expensive Gray Man universe, as well as introduction of a cheaper, ad-supported tier for the service. While the most recent quarter’s results were more positive, they were accompanied by the announcement that Lilyhammer, their 1st original program, would be excluded from the service due to the series’ U.S. streaming license expiring.

According to Deadline, Netflix’s new tier is missing several prominent titles, that are visible in the search bar and yet show a lock icon, indicating that the service is unable to play them. This contains Arrested Development and House of Cards, which were both created when Netflix Originals were created as part of a licensing agreement rather than being owned outright by Netflix. Peaky Blinders, The Magicians, The Last Kingdom, The Sinner, Good Girls, and Friday Night Lights are among the other shows and movies that are restricted to the ad-supported tier.

Will These shows Ever Be Available on Netflix’s Ad-Supported Tier?

Netflix Drops Major Shows From Its Ad-Supported Plan
House of Cards

When Netflix decided to add an ad-supported tier, they warned subscribers that some titles would be unavailable due to licensing agreements. They did not, however, clearly state which titles would be affected by this situation. They stated in their statement that they are “working on” getting those titles onto new tier.

Netflix will almost certainly try to get classic originals such as House of Cards and the final two seasons of Arrested Development onto new tier at some point in the future. However, there is no guarantee that they will be able to reach new agreements, and many of the other locked titles, such as the iconic sitcoms New Girl and The Good Place, are not Netflix Originals at all. Because those shows are owned by other networks, some of which have their own proprietary streaming services, they may never agree to let Netflix run ads on them for the remainder of their existing licensing deals.

Source: Deadline