Regarding his tenth and final film, Quentin Tarantino provides a disappointing update. After writing and directing nine movies, Tarantino unexpectedly announced that he would stop making them after the tenth, claiming the desire to leave the industry with a body of work he could be proud of. For his final film, Quentin Tarantino has teased concepts including Kill Bill 3 and a Western, horror, or comedy movie. The only thing that is known for sure at this time regarding his upcoming tenth and final picture is that it will have an original script.

In a recent interview with Tom Segura for the 2 Bears, 1 Cave podcast from YMH Studios, Quentin Tarantino gave a disappointing update on his final movie. The renowned director claims he hasn’t begun writing his tenth film or even thought about what it would be. “No, I haven’t even thought about it yet,” Tarantino said in response to a question about whether his final movie had been written.

Movies Tarantino Might Make As His Final

Quentin Tarantino Provides a Disappointing Update 1Regarding His Last Film
Quentin Tarantino

Tarantino has a ton of old ideas that he can reuse, even if he hasn’t even begun to consider what his tenth and the final movie would be. If he can come up with a “terrific” premise, the filmmaker has stated that his tenth movie will likely be a horror movie. In the past, Tarantino has also broached the subject of a John Brown biopic, which would make for an intriguing Western. Another genre option is a Tarantino-inspired gangster film set in the 1930s, which he has previously indicated an interest in producing.

Recently, Tarantino declared that his last movie would be an entirely unique creation, effectively ruling out Kill Bill 3 and a number of franchise options like an R-rated Star Trek movie, a James Bond movie, or Marvel’s Luke Cage. Given that all but one of Tarantino’s movies, Jackie Brown, have original scripts, this was most anticipated. While Tarantino will continue this pattern with his tenth movie, it doesn’t seem like he has given the potential plot any more thought.

While some fans may be disappointed with the director’s most recent update, Tarantino taking his time should ultimately benefit the finished result. Under normal circumstances, perfection cannot be hastened, but this is especially true when Tarantino is finishing his famous filmography with a single, monumental work. Fans can indulge in the director’s numerous creations in the interim, such as his most recent book Cinema Speculation. Next year, Tarantino will both direct and write an eight-episode limited series. The focus should now be placed completely on what Quentin Tarantino’s television series, which some belief to be his Once Upon a Time in Hollywood offshoot Bounty Law, would be about rather than his next, much more distant last feature.

Source: YMH Studios