Walker Scobell, the star of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, provided an upbeat update on the show’s release date. The Rick Riordan book series of the same name is the source material for the Disney+ program. The Percy Jackson and The Olympians Television series has been spearheaded by Riordan, and the author of the books even writes for the show, in contrast to the early 2010s movies, which were derided by fans. The excitement over the show staying more closely aligned with the books—something the movies sorely needed—has come from both audiences and Riordan himself.

Percy Jackson and The Olympians may be coming to Disney+ earlier than initially anticipated, according to Scobell, who discussed this during an interview with GoErie. Riordan stated that the show’s intended release date was early 2024 in a previous entry on his blog. Actor Scobell, who plays Percy Jackson, has since updated that window, stating that a late 2023 to early 2024 release is now anticipated. Fans of the books will definitely be encouraged by the upbeat news, as there’s now a chance Percy Jackson and The Olympians could be released in less than a year.

What Can We Expect From Disney+’s Percy Jackson Series?

Release Date For Percy Jackson Disney+ Show Teased By Star

With its adaptations of the Percy Jackson and The Olympians book series, Disney is stepping into a literary goldmine. The main series consists of five books, with a sequel Percy Jackson series, The Heroes of Olympus, that combines the trio of Percy, Annabeth, & Grover, now older, with the Roman gods and new protagonist Jason. In short, the Percy Jackson brand could be the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s new rival, albeit both are on Disney’s side, with many story paths allowing for a well-rounded universe of spinoffs, with the forthcoming Percy Jackson and The Olympians Disney+ series paving the way.

With the use of age-appropriate actors for the Camp Half-Blood cast and Scobell’s flawless delivery of an iconic Percy line, the first Percy Jackson and The Olympians teaser trailer already demonstrated how closely the series will adhere to its source material. The Harry Potter film series was adapted from a hugely popular book series, so viewers can anticipate a similar experience with Percy Jackson and The Olympians. Three of Harry Potter’s main actors debuted in the films when they were very young, allowing viewers to see them develop along with their characters. The three leads in Percy Jackson and The Olympians range in age from 13 to 16, so they will be able to rekindle that magic.

What Will Set The Percy Jackson Series Apart From The Films

Release Date For Percy Jackson Disney+ Show Teased By Star
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The main reason for the fans’ outrage was the age difference between the fictional characters from the books as well as the actors who played them in the Percy Jackson movies. In the first film, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, Logan Lerman, then 18 years old, played the role of Percy. Alexandra Daddario and Brandon T. Jackson, both 24 years old, and Lerman, the movie’s youngest lead actors, completed the main cast. The series will differ from the movies in more ways than just the age-appropriate casting, as Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters’ poor CGI was unworthy of such a well-liked IP. Percy Jackson and the Olympians author Rick Riordan is aiming for a budget akin to the popular Disney+ series The Mandalorian and WandaVision, both of which feature excellent CGI, so that error won’t be made again.

Source: GoErie