The following contains spoilers for The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

Charlie Vickers, who starred in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, wants to portray Mr. Freeze in a Batman film. Vickers stole the hearts of Rings of Power viewers this year as Galadriel’s unusual companion Halbrand. But the same fans were in for a surprise when it was revealed that Halbrand is the villainous Sauron.

To say that playing Sauron in a Lord of the Rings TV drama is a significant break for Vickers is an understatement. Prior to his role as Halbrand/Sauron, the actor had only a few credits to his name, having appeared in the feature movies Palm Beach and Death in Shoreditch, as well as the TV series Medici. Vickers may now look forward to a consistent role as the main villain of The Rings of Power as the massive-budget Prime Video program enters season 2 and beyond.

However, newly-minted star Vickers is clearly not satisfied with just portraying one well-known nasty character in a big franchise. In an interview with, the actor mentioned another villain he’d want to play in the future: Batman nemesis Mr. Freeze. Check out Vickers’ comments in the box below:

“All characters, villains or heroes, are interesting to me if they’re complex and if they excite me. But there are so many iconic villains that it would be amazing to play. There’s nothing in particular. I’d love to one day — I remember when I was a kid, I went to a theme park — it was Disneyland or something like that — and Mr. Freeze was there, and I think he picked me — they were doing a Batman show, like a parade — he picked me up and ran with me. It was terrifying. I was so scared, and ever since I’ve thought, it’d be cool to play Mr. Freeze in some kind of contemporary, realistic, very sort of dark adaptation. But I mean, that’s a long way down the line, but that’d be cool.”

How Charlie Vickers’ Mr. Freeze Performance Might Look

Rings of Power Star Has Expressed Interest In Playing Batman Villain Mr. Freeze

Film fans may associate Batman villain Mr. Freeze with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s campy performance in Batman & Robin. However, in the comic books, the character is totally different. Dr. Victor Fries is a cryonics expert who experiences an accident that causes him to wear a cryogenic suit while conducting experiments to discover a treatment for his wife’s terminal sickness. He then takes on the persona of Mr. Freeze and resorts to criminality in order to save his unfortunate bride. Given this terrible past, it’s been proposed that a highly serious and dark portrayal of Mr. Freeze might succeed on the big screen.

And, as it happens, The Batman director Matt Reeves has recently mentioned the possibility of introducing a grounded Mr. Freeze into his own gloomy Batman realm. To summarize, if Vickers were to play Mr. Freeze in an upcoming Reeves Batman film, his acting would look nothing like Schwarzenegger’s portrayal in Batman & Robin. Mr. Freeze, according to Vickers, is a multifaceted villain, more similar to the quietly clever Halbrand/Sauron than the ludicrous one-liner-dropping real villain in Joel Schumacher’s over-the-top picture. Vickers would undoubtedly attempt to investigate the tortured sides of Victor Fries, a guy whose criminal deeds are inspired by the most noble of emotions. It’s unclear whether Vickers has a chance to play Mr. Freeze in a Batman film. It’s difficult to say whether Vickers has a chance to play Mr. Freeze in a Batman film, but he’s certainly on more people’s radars after his stunning performance as the deeply deceitful Sauron in Rings of Power.