In Avatar: The Way Of Water, Sigourney Weaver explains the mysterious link between her new character Kiri, Dr. Grace Augustine, and Eywa. In Avatar, Weaver played Dr. Grace Augustine, a human xenobotanist who supported the Na’vi during in the conflict. Grace, who had her own Na’vi Avatar, was killed when she and Jake Sully escaped from prison to aid the Na’vi. The Na’vi attempted to transfer her consciousness to her Avatar body, but she died as a result of the failure.

Weaver portrays Kiri, the adopted teenage daughter of Jake Sully & Neytiri who was born of Grace’s avatar and has a continuing connection to her in Avatar: The Way Of Water. In an interview with Screen Rant, Weaver reveals which aspects of Dr. Grace Augustine she incorporated into her performance as Kiri. She also uncovers that in the film, Kiri will try to connect with Grace on a deeper level. Weaver also did hint at a mysterious & complicated relationship among Kiri and the Na’vi deity, Eywa.

Sigourney Weaver: “There’s definitely a transfer of the curiosity and the love of nature. Grace much prefers to be in Avatar form and be out in the forest and studying things, and I think Kiri has a different way of expressing all that. She is just one with nature. And where that comes from, I’m not sure. But it’s very much in the script, and luckily in the movie you will get to see her try to make more of a connection with Grace.”

“I think there is a scene where she talks about hearing Eywa’s breathing. I wasn’t really sure what happened to Eywa when Hometree is destroyed, but clearly she still exists in some form. Eywa is [why] Kiri can hear things that other people don’t hear. I think it makes Kiri quite uncomfortable, but I think because she’s so sensitive to all of nature that she would also be sensitive to Eywa.”

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Sigourney Weaver Discusses Her Avatar 2 Character's Relationship to Eywa
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Both Kiri and Grace develop a sense of wonder and awe for the world as a result of Grace’s curiosity and love of nature. Kiri’s connection to Eywa may also be explained by Grace’s last words to Jake Sully, in which she claims to be with Eywa while standing beneath the revered Hometree. Grace was enthralled by the connections between the Na’vi, Pandora, and Eywa. Currently, Kiri, who is inextricably linked to Grace, has a stronger bond with the Na’vi god than anyone else.

No other Na’vi, not even the spiritual leaders, have ever been able to hear Eywa like Kiri can. Feeling different could be the cause of Kiri’s discomfort or even fear. James Cameron claims that Kiri, who is adopted, was actually Grace’s own Avatar. She may feel even more alone if she has the capacity to hear the god your people worship on a literal level, especially if she comes to be regarded as special by those around her while being unaware of her own gifts.

By understanding Grace’s special relationship with Eywa and her capacity to truly be one with nature, Kiri can carry on Grace’s story. Kiri is Na’vi and is, therefore, able to be completely open to learning and satisfying her curiosity, whereas Grace was never able to truly be one with the Na’vi. Kiri will almost certainly take on a larger role in the future of the Avatar franchise among the Na’vi as well as in the conflict between Humans and Na’vi once the invaders return because she can explore Pandora’s various environments & cultures in Avatar: The Way Of Water, Avatar 3, and Avatar 4 in a way that Grace never could.

Source : ScreenRant