In a brand-new video, Arrow star Stephen Amell discusses his return to the Arrowverse in The Flash season 9. As The CW prepares to end one of its longest-running series, it’s the end of an era for the Arrowverse. Grant Gustin will dress up The Flash gear for one more season after portraying Barry Allen for almost ten years. The CW gave The Flash season 9 the green light in 2022 before announcing that it would be the final installment of the Arrowverse drama. The Arrowverse show is ending with a bang before The Flash wraps up its run, but the DC TV drama will return for 13 episodes, trying to make it the shortest season yet for the series.

For the first time ever since the Arrow series finale in 2020, Amell will reprise his role as the Green Arrow in season 9 of The Flash. The veteran of the Arrowverse will make an appearance in The Flash season 9 episode 9, which is currently being shot in Vancouver, Canada. Amell posted a video on Instagram about rejoining The Flash for season 9 after the big announcement. Amell emphasized how thrilled and honored he is to come back to the franchise one more time, even though he wouldn’t reveal how Oliver is making a comeback. See his complete statement below:

“Oh, hey there. Uh, yeah, uh-huh. I’m coming back for the ninth and final season of The Flash. Why? Doesn’t matter. How? Doesn’t matter. Greg Berlanti called me up, and he said, ‘The Flash is ending. Would you like to…’ and I said, ‘Yes! You don’t even have to finish your sentence.’ I have always, always loved coming over — as Oliver Queen, Green Arrow, Spectre, a Nazi, the Flash, you name it — to The Flash. I love the cast. I love the crew. So, for Greg Berlanti, thank you. For Eric Wallace, thank you. For Grant [Gustin] and Candice [Patton] and Danielle [Panabaker], who’s directing, and the rest of the cast, thank you for having me. Don’t ask me any more f—–g questions about it. Just tune in when it airs later this year.”

Who Else Is Making A Comeback In Season 9 Of The Flash From The Arrowverse?

Stephen Amell Talks About Arrowverse Come Back In The Flash Season 9
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Amell will return in The Flash season 9, but he won’t be the only member of the Arrowverse to stop by Central City. Sendhil Ramamurthy will play Bloodwork in Episode 9, which will be directed by Danielle Panabaker, and Keiynan Lonsdale will play Wally West, a.k.a. Kid Flash. In this episode, David Ramsey—another Arrow star—will play John Diggle, a.k.a. Spartan once more. We’ll have to wait and see how Kid Flash, Diggle, and Bloodwork enter the picture.

Even though there are many Arrowverse characters in The Flash season 9, episode 9, there will also be other well-known characters in the final season. Javicia Leslie, who plays Batwoman on the Arrowverse series, will play one of the new season’s major antagonists. However, Leslie was seen wearing a Red Death costume on set in 2022, so this will be a different interpretation of her Arrowverse heroine. Leslie is unquestionably portraying Red Death in some capacity, despite The CW’s continued use of the term “mystery character” to describe her. Leslie will return as Ryan Wilder as usual and will even appear in at least one scene alongside Red Death.

Red Death is mainly the first antagonist for The Flash season 9 even though they haven’t yet included her in the trailer. The CW has hinted that “a powerful new threat” will be in charge of a group of Rogues, presumably Leslie’s new persona. Another member of the Arrowverse will appear in The Flash season 9 in addition to Oliver, Diggle, Batwoman, & Kid Flash, though this one is from Supergirl, whose run ended in 2021. Iris West-Allen will be working with Nia Nal, also known as Dreamer, one of Supergirl’s main heroes. As The CW’s The Flash season 9 premiere is less than two months away, hopefully, new video clip will start to surface showcasing these various character returnts.

Source: Stephen Amell/Instagram