Warning: This post contains major spoilers for Teen Wolf: The Movie.

Derek Hale’s ending in Teen Wolf: The Movie has shocked Teen Wolf fans to the core. Derek, a werewolf born into the supernatural world, develops throughout Teen Wolf by assisting in the formation of his own pack following the tragic passing of his family. After eventually rising to the position of Alpha, Derek chooses to renounce it and settles into life as a Beta, eventually evolving into an Evolved Werewolf. Through the course of Teen Wolf, the character experiences significant growth, learning how to get along with others and moving past his incredibly tragic past.

Given all the changes in his life, it was heartwarming to see that Derek had finally found love and begun a family of his own. As a result, when Derek perishes in a fire in Teen Wolf: The Movie, the fan base reacted angrily on Twitter. The creator of Teen Wolf, Jeff Davis, justifies Derek’s passing as a hero’s ending that raises the stakes in the film, but this has only infuriated the fan base, with many pointing to his family’s death as a parallel to their own and claiming that it wasn’t necessary for him to pass away in such a brutal way. View the responses below:

Why The Teen Wolf Movie’s Death Of Derek Is So Devastating

Teen Wolf Diehards Are Heartbroken By The Derek Hale's Movie Ending

The passing of Derek comes as a complete shock, especially considering that Teen Wolf: The Movie seemed to offer the chance for a happy cast reunion, only to discover that one character was unexpectedly and permanently dropped from the franchise. The events of Teen Wolf: The Movie occur 13 years after the events of the television series, giving Derek his first chance to truly understand what it means to create a family with his son. But only a few seconds after Eli undergoes her first transformation, a moment that both of them ought to be happy about, Derek suffers a painful death and leaves the Teen Wolf world.

Even though Derek’s death is tragic enough on its own, it is genuinely brutal that he is eliminated in the same way as his entire family. The character introduces Eli to the same trauma even though they have just recently come to terms with their loss. Eli’s fate is one of the main unresolved issues in Teen Wolf: The Movie, and the fact that his current storyline is strikingly similar to Derek’s doesn’t help. He has just begun to gain confidence in his abilities as a werewolf when he loses his father, a significant figure in his life to whom he has never been able to live up.

To make matters worse, it is challenging to envision where the franchise can truly go in the wake of Derek’s passing. Dylan O’Brien and Arden Cho, two important main actors, were already absent when the movie started. With Derek leaving, there are now even more prominent stars missing. Even though Eli is still alive to carry on his legacy, it is difficult to predict what will happen to the other main Teen Wolf characters. Eli has the potential to develop into a significant character in the series, should Teen Wolf ever be renewed. It is uncertain whether Teen Wolf: The Movie will ever receive a sequel, given the reaction to Derek’s passing.

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