The Penguin, the upcoming spinoff of The Batman, is about to begin filming. Matt Reaves was the director of the early March film The Batman, which starred Robert Pattinson as the titular DC superhero. While Paul Dano’s Riddler served as the movie’s primary antagonist, it was difficult to ignore Colin Farrell’s slick-talking Penguin. HBO Max revealed in May that a spinoff series titled simply The Penguin had been given the green light in an effort to keep Farrell’s Penguin on television.

While pre-production has been ongoing, it appears that The Penguin’s cast and crew are about to start filming. Farrell previously discussed the original The Penguin script, and yet he didn’t go into great detail. However, Farrell reveals in a conversation with Variety that although the day is not entirely official, there is an awareness that filming will take place soon:

“I did it in a film. I hope I’m going to do it for television in February or March. So I’ll be employed.”

What We Know So Far About The Batman’s Penguin Spinoff Show

The Batman Star Verifies That The Penguin Spinoff Will Shoot In Early 2023

The Penguin hasn’t been given many details, which is what makes this filming update so intriguing, but there have been a few updates that have made the show appear interesting. The show appears to be maintaining close ties with another supporting antagonist from The Batman now that it has been revealed that The Penguin has cast Falcone’s daughter. Because it will be the first time Penguin has been the star of his show, he will need to create a sizable supporting cast, so figures like Falcone will undoubtedly play significant roles in the show—even after his murder.

The Penguin’s place in The Batman’s timeline was also revealed by HBO Max executive Sarah Aubrey. The television series, which picks up immediately after the conclusion of the movie, will show viewers what life is like in Gotham City. Given that the entire city was submerged during The Batman, it should be clear what it was like for both criminals and ordinary citizens as they frantically tried to survive in the aftermath of the destruction. Given that the lead character served as the majority of the film’s comic relief, the television show will undoubtedly be dramatic, but it also probably contain some comedic elements.

While the show does appear to be intriguing, some may disagree with the choice to focus on a supporting figure who received scant attention in the original movie. The Batman’s universe will be significantly influenced by The Penguin. Batman won’t be able to play a significant role in this important component of his own cinematic universe because Pattinson’s absence from the show’s announcement makes it unlikely that he will also appear. Therefore, even though the show undoubtedly has potential, it might be disappointing if the Dark Knight himself doesn’t at least make an appearance to demonstrate to Gotham’s criminals that they are not above the law.

Source: Variety