In a brand-new video clip, which imagines the show with an introduction akin to a ’90s sitcom, the popular superhero series The Boys on Amazon Prime Video gets a wholesome makeover. The television series adaptation, directed by showrunner Eric Kripke and based on the comic book series by Garth Ennis & Darick Robertson, has amassed a devoted following thanks to its outrageous humor and graphic depictions of violence. The Boys season 4 filming began in August of this year, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, star of The Walking Dead and Supernatural, is slated to join the ensemble cast in an unspecified role.

The official Twitter account for Prime Video recently made the decision to give the program a significantly more family-friendly makeover in a new video clip. The show is well known for repeatedly pushing the limits of good taste to nearly breaking point (like with The Boys’ Herogasm episode). The video introduces the show’s main cast in an upbeat series of clips from the previous seasons, imagining the series as a ’90s-style sitcom. The show’s reimagined intro sequence immediately takes viewers back to a time when The Boys’ current lewd sensibilities would have never made it to the screen, complete with a retro theme song & VHS-style image quality. View the most recent video below:

How Long Might The Boys Be Available on Amazon Prime Video?

The Boys Appear Deceivingly Fresh In '90s Sitcom Parody Video
Amazon Prime Video

The Boys has rapidly established itself as a major success story for Amazon’s streaming service since its season 1 premiere in 2019. The show has gained a ton of accolades and six Emmy Award nominations, and it keeps getting better. That hasn’t stopped people from speculating about how long The Boys will last. Each new season of Kripke’s show features even more outrageous but hilarious antics, demonstrating that there is no need for the series to move quickly toward its conclusion.

It has been abundantly clear from the beginning that Kripke always intended for The Boys to run for a total of five seasons. If Prime Video decides to follow Kripke’s original plan, the end will almost certainly be in sight given that season 4 is already in progress. But given that his previous show, Supernatural, lasted for 15 seasons, the series showrunner has also previously acknowledged that he might not be the best person to respond. There is no doubt that many The Boys viewers would love to see the series go far beyond Kripke’s original five-season plan.

Fans of The Boys can still anticipate the new spinoff series, Gen V, even if the main series does end soon. Amazon’s Head of Television Vernon Sanders has hinted that the series will have “lots of blood” and plenty of connections to the main series, and it is set in a college run by Vought for young superheroes. There is no reason why the popular show can’t continue for many more years if The Boys and its new spinoff can keep raising the bar for eager viewers.

Source: Prime Video/Twitter