The creator of Teen Wolf: The Movie sheds some light on Allison Argent’s (Crystal Reed) rebirth. Allison died in the MTV tv series Teen Wolf, which follows Scott McCall (Tyler Posey), a teenager who is bitten by a werewolf and transforms. Allison was Scott’s girlfriend on the MTV show till she tragically died trying to save Scott from the nogitsune. However, Allison appears to be alive in the Teen Wolf: The Movie trailer. Allison’s death was a watershed moment for Scott and the pack, so her rebirth could mean a significant narrative climax for everyone involved. However, details about her return remain scarce.

Jeff Davis, the man behind Teen Wolf: The Movie, has been answering lots of questions, including whether or not the film is a Teen Wolf spin-off. He recently spoke about Allison’s most recent appearance and the impact it’s going to have on the Teen Wolf characters. In an interview with SFX Magazine, which was obtained through CBR, he explained that Allison will initially start to show up in visions experienced by various characters, which may provide a hint as to what kind of creature is bringing her back. They even question the reality of their visions, according to Davis. Take a look at his quote below:

“What brings them back is incited by Chris Argent [JR Bourne], who has been having these mysterious visions and dreams of his daughter, Allison. There’s the idea that his daughter might never have actually crossed over when she died. He finds out that Scott is experiencing the same thing, too. Scott has been seeing her in his mind, in his dreams, and thinking, ‘Are these memories or is this something real?’ And they keep becoming more and more real to him.”

Is Bringing Allison Back To Teen Wolf A Good Idea?

The Creator Of Teen Wolf: The Movie Teases The Resurrection Of Allison

Allison leaves Teen Wolf abruptly despite being one of the most well-known and well-liked characters. Reed was able to advance her acting career as a result of Allison’s passing in season 3, but the other characters were in a terrible mess. They finally have the chance to experience the potential danger of the supernatural realm, at which point they understand the stakes and that no one can go about their lives in peace. Even though Allison has a chance to flee to France before she dies, it is too late to save her, and the other characters feel the effects. Those stakes could be jeopardized by a return in Teen Wolf: The Movie.

The presence of Allison might help Teen Wolf: The Movie stay true to the Teen Wolf mythos. Although Allison’s passing marks a significant turning point in the narrative, her return would not necessarily raise the stakes. The absence of Dylan O’Brien as Stiles means that a key component of what made Teen Wolf special will be lost in the film. While Allison’s return offers the chance to make the movie feel still feel worthwhile even without Stiles, who can’t necessarily be replaced. The fact that Allison shows up so much later in the Teen Wolf timeline also allows the pack to examine the nature of death and see how far they have progressed since her passing.

What We Know About The Teen Wolf: The Movie

Every character will be unique because Teen Wolf: The Movie takes place almost ten years after Teen Wolf’s conclusion. Scott is in a precarious position as the leader of the pack now that everyone knows about werewolves and banshees. Because of everything Scott has gone through since the end of the show, Tyler Posey is already adamant that Scott will be drastically different. But his commitment to his pack will be seriously tested by Allison’s return. On January 26 on Paramount+, Teen Wolf: The Movie will be released, and Allison will play a significant role in a movie that will change Teen Wolf forever.

Source: SFX Magazine (via CBR)