Francis Lawrence, the director of Constantine 2, provided an upbeat update, confirming how far the film has come. Constantine began on February 18, 2005, and is partially based on the Hellblazer series from DC Comics. The movie follows John Constantine (Keanu Reeves), a demon hunter with the power to travel between Earth and Hell, as he investigates the mysterious suicide of Angela Dodson’s (Rachel Weisz) twin sister, Isabel, an LAPD detective (Weisz). Though the movie garnered mixed-to-negative reviews upon its initial release, it has since risen in popularity and achieved cult status. Warner Bros. recently responded to fans’ requests and announced that a sequel, Constantine 2, was in the works.

Constantine 2 director Lawrence provided an upbeat update on the film’s production in an interview with While he, Keanu, and Akiva Goldsman have all been working on the sequel for years, there is still no script. Lawrence stated that the delay was caused by ownership disputes between DC Comics & Vertigo Comics. He did, however, promise supporters that the concerns had been fixed and that he and the team were ready to begin the story. Take a look at his statement below:

“We don’t have a script, but Keanu, me, and Akiva [Goldsman] who all worked on the first one together have all been trying over the years to get another one going. It’s been tricky because of the DC/Vertigo world and who owns the character and who has control over the characters, trying to get the right people to go forward. We’ve got that now and now we need the story. We’d all love to do it.”

What Should the Story of Constantine 2 Be?

The Director Of Keanu Reeves' Constantine 2 Provides An Upbeat Update

Because Constantine 2 has no script and is still in early production, the plot has remained a mystery. Furthermore, there is no official cast list for Constantine 2. Reeves is the only confirmed cast member who will reprise his role as Constantine in the film. The ambiguity over who will reprise their roles in the film makes determining the plot more difficult. However, the finale of the original film suggested various potential plot lines that may be developed further.

Dodson’s passion in paranormal research could be explored further in Constantine 2. Dodson in the film is based on the character from the comics Angie Spatchcock and shares her psychic abilities. Her research into her sister’s death puts her on the spotlight of Lucifer’s (Peter Stormare) son Mammon, who aims to utilize her influence to dethrone his father. However, she eventually finds peace with her sister’s death and even offers to keep a mystical artifact safe for Constantine. There were signs that Dodson would return to the realm of supernatural investigation, possibly as a collaborator or student of Constantine. In this fashion, Constantine 2

There were additional loose ends in the first Constantine movie as well. The movie concluded with Lucifer giving Constantine a second shot at life, but only because he was eager for Constantine to show his worthiness of Hell before death. As a result, the war for Constantine’s soul is likely to continue as Lucifer plots to finally send him to Hell. A sequel centered on Gabriel (Tilda Swinton), a Mammon disciple turned mortal, may also be entertaining, as the archangel is certainly seeking retribution. Finally, there is no shortage of possibilities for Constantine 2, as the original film introduced a strong ally for Constantine to journey with, as well as a bevy of foes that want for his demise.