Unfortunately, his great-granddaughter destroyed Wolverine’s heroic legacy after he spent many years fighting alongside the X-Men.

James “Logan” Howlett, better known as Wolverine, is a mutant with six retractable claws that protrude from his knuckles, enhanced animalistic senses, and a healing factor. Logan was adopted by Professor X and joined the X-Men after being held captive by Weapon X for a period of time during which Wolverine was made to carry out assassinations and participate in cruel experiments. Wolverine distinguished himself as an X-Men member by defending the defenseless and occasionally even saving the world. Before it was irrevocably corrupted, Wolverine took back a life that had been taken from him and transformed it into an enduring legacy that anybody could be motivated by.

Readers are first introduced to a character called Rancor in Jim Valentino and Tom DeFalco’s Guardians of the Galaxy #8, who is recently revealed in the series to be a descendant of Wolverine. Rancor, like Wolverine, is a mutant with a powerful healing factor that is virtually impervious to any and all attacks and extends her lifespan. Rancor also has razor-sharp claws, but they come from her fingernails instead of her knuckles. In addition, Rancor even shares Wolverine’s aesthetic, down to the color scheme of his costume and hairstyle. While the similarities between them are intriguing, the differences—and Rancor’s evil ways guarantee that there are plenty of them—are even more so.

Rancor, Wolverine’s Descendant Is A Cosmic Scale Villain

The Great-Granddaughter of Wolverine Ruins His Heroic Legacy
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After ripping her father’s heart from his chest, eliminating any threat to her power, and enslaving the human race, Rancor once led her own private army of mutants on Planet Haven. The Guardians of the Galaxy were then focused on Rancor, and after she was ultimately vanquished by them, Rancor destroyed Planet Haven before fleeing and hatching yet another evil scheme for planetary hegemony. Rancor even joined forces with Doctor Doom at one point before turning on him, displaying even greater treachery than one of the most cunning villains from Marvel Comics.

The great-granddaughter of Wolverine turned an entire class of people into slaves, obliterated a planet, and proved to be even eviler than Doctor Doom. While Rancor gained almost all of Logan’s abilities and his predatory tendencies, she lacked his heroism, and Rancor’s evil was sufficient to sabotage Wolverine’s heroic legacy for all time.

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