Jacob Bertrand discusses his most tough season 5 Cobra Kai scene. Bertrand’s character, Eli “Hawk” Moskowitz, had a very triumphant ending in the Karate Kid spinoff’s season 4 finale. He won the All Valley boys’ karate championship, defeating Robby Keene (Tanner Buchanan) and earned the privilege to display his prize above his head. The Netflix series was confirming that Hawk had turned a fresh leaf, despite Bertrand’s occasional protestations.

This is underlined in Season 5 of Cobra Kai. Hawk serves as a supporting character to the other characters in the Karate Kid spinoff over the course of ten episodes. Bertrand does have a few moments in the spotlight when Hawk suffers a bad loss to Kenny (Dallas Dupree Young) that temporarily rattles him. It serves as a reminder that, despite his All Valley success, Hawk should not be overconfident in his ability to win every bout. He accepts defeat with grace, demonstrating the kind of maturity that allows him to collaborate with Robby when it matters most.

Bertrand explained to Comingsoon why the dojo fight with Kenny was his most hardest sequence in Cobra Kai season 5. The actor explained why one precise kick was difficult to execute and expressed doubt that he could recreate it even if the conditions were ideal. The following is a quote by Bertrand:

“Definitely the last fight with Kenny. I do this big jumping kick, it’s like the crescent with the push kick and it’s all in midair. That was really, really hard for me to get down. I don’t even think I could do it right now if I stretched out and like the conditions were perfect. It was just hard. You have to jump so high and get so much momentum just off of like one little half-turn. That was really, really hard, but by the end of it, I feel like I could do it previously. It came out pretty well. That was definitely the hardest one.”

The Star of Cobra Kai Season 5 Reveals the Most Difficult Scene to Film

What Will Happen Next for Hawk in Cobra Kai?

Those expecting Hawk to take revenge against Kenny should be disappointed, according to Bertrand, because Hawk is no longer the type of guy who holds grudges. Bertrand also discusses how the All Valley champion has a greater understanding of his strength. Hawk, like numerous other dojo fighters, is in a good place towards the end of Cobra Kai season 5. The writers ended their stories on a high note, with competitors becoming friends and romantic connections rekindled.

Of course, in a world where karate towers above practically everything, if Netflix renews the spinoff, problems are probable. But, for the time being, Hawk got the perfect choice: Bertrand got to show off his acting skills in a physically demanding sequence while also demonstrating how his representation has matured emotionally and personally. It opens the option for the actor to have important follow-up in a possible Cobra Kai season 6.

Source: Comingsoon