Spoilers for The Flash #790 by DC Comics

The most recent issue of the ongoing DC series appears to show Iris West being killed, hinting at a significant death for the Flash Family in The Flash comics. Iris West suffers serious injuries in an explosion in DC Comics’ The Flash #790, which takes place after a mysterious alien attack causes the world to freeze for everyone but speedsters. Barry Allen is left in utter disbelief.

The various Flashes who are currently a part of the main DC Universe go about their daily lives in The Flash #790 by Jeremy Adams, Roger Cruz, Matt Benning, Wellington Dias, Luis Guerrero, and Rob Leigh. Barry Allen is seen having dinner with Iris West. The speedsters are shocked to discover that everyone else has been frozen after Iris pops the question to Barry. The origin of the problem is revealed to be aliens going by the name of The Fraction, who built a massive tower into the Earth and sent out a call for the “culling” to start. Iris West tragically appears to be killed in the subsequent explosion brought on by the alien attack as Barry holds her and screams in terror after recovering her body from beneath the debris.

The One Minute War Of The Flash Family Has Started

The Flash’s most recent storyline, “One Minute War,” finds Barry Allen, Wally West, Jay Garrick, and other speedsters fending off an alien attack by speedsters who want to take over the world. For heroes and villains with super-speed abilities, the entire arc is planned to last for 60 seconds. The arc, according to DC Comics’ teaser, is the “most intense battle the Earth has ever fought in only 60 seconds.” With Iris West seemingly dead, the first issue more than lives up to expectations.

One of the more shocking events from the current arc of The Flash was Iris West’s murder in The Flash #790. Even though it certainly seems like she is dead, the cliffhanger doesn’t state that she is actually dead. Given The Flash’s time-travelling antics, it would be unexpected to see Iris West actually pass away in any significant way. She is too crucial to the Flash Family to be permanently eliminated.

Iris West’s passing will undoubtedly provide Barry Allen with more than enough motivation to end The Fraction and put an end to the “One Minute War” before more members of the Flash-Family succumb to the alien attack, if he ever needed a reason to put an end to a group of villains. DC Comics’ The Flash #790 can be found in bookstores right now.

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