In recent months, the Warner Bros. Discovery team has accelerated a cost-cutting strategy that is even having an impact on some of their upcoming tentpole movie releases. In order to spread out the costs of marketing and distribution, The Hollywood Reporter claims that the company has delayed the release dates of two films, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and Shazam! Fury of the Gods.

The release date of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom was originally set for March 17, 2023, but it has now been moved to December 25. While Fury of the Gods was originally scheduled for a December 2022 release date, it now has the earlier film’s original March release date. Warner Bros. Discovery will now only release two major films this year: Don’t Worry Darling (on September 23rd) and Black Adam (out October 21st).

According to what we currently know, Henry Cavill will make a brief cameo appearance in the Black Adam film. The new strategy for Warner Bros. appears to be to concentrate on getting their DC universe on the right track with these actors as this film paved a variety of ways to excite DC vs. Marvel fans.

Now that Dwayne Johnson has such a high success rate and his films are consistently blockbusters, it seems as though Warner Bros. Discovery’s entire future is dependent on him. However, with Henry Cavill, it may be possible to put everything back on the right track. Black Adam, which introduces a completely new cast of heroes and anti-heroes, might be one of the first steps in doing that.

Source: Twitter | Borys_Kit