The Marvel Cinematic Universe hasn’t always been true to the comics when it comes to accurate adaptations. It goes without saying that the majority of characters and stories are directly adapted from comic books, although some characters only have a hazy connection to the original works. The outcomes of this are not always the same, especially when taking into account the opinions of the audience.

When compared to their Marvel comic book equivalents, these MCU characters can differ significantly. In some instances, this is indeed unfortunate, but it has also brought blessings to other people. Some comics have incorporated these modifications based on how the public reacted to them, while others have been ignored by the writers and artists of the comic books.

10. Jane Foster

jane foster
Marvel Studios

Jane Foster finally wielded Mjolnir in Thor: Love and Thunder after making two movies. Unfortunately, the MCU heroine’s journey felt disappointing in comparison to Jason Aaron’s comic book run. The reason for this is that whereas the movie essentially made Jane become Odinson’s sidekick, the comics gave Jane the freedom to shine on her own.

Thor: Love and Thunder scarcely touched on Jane Foster’s comics storyline about deserving of love, and it never dug into her worldview or her relationship with Mjolnir. Instead, her romance with Odinson received a lot of attention in Thor: Love and Thunder. The Mighty Thor deserved far better, despite the fact that it was a competent attempt at an adaptation.

09. Vulture

Marvel Studios

Adrian “Vulture” Toomes is portrayed by Michael Keaton in Spider-Man: Homecoming. He has a salvage business that he uses to transition to the black market for weaponry, and he possesses a genius-level brain. He also has a connection to Peter’s life outside of Spider-Man because he is Liz Allan’s father.

One of the characters that fans are delighted aren’t comic-accurate is Vulture. While Keaton portrayed him as a bitter guy seeking retribution for his company’s demise, the comic Vulture is a strange elderly man who wanders the streets of New York breaking into homes while wearing a goofy feathered bird costume. Fans undoubtedly think he become cooler thanks to the MCU.

08. Thor

Marvel Studios

Ever since his 2011 film Thor debut, Chris Hemsworth has served as the MCU’s God of Thunder. Given this, it’s very understandable that Hemsworth’s true personality has bled into the role, especially considering that Thor and Thor: The Dark World failed to give Odinson a true personality.

Since Chris Hemsworth excels at comedy, when the Thor story was placed in Taika Waitit’s hands, the God of Thunder was given a comedic makeover. While fans like him for his silliness, this trait is contrary to Thor’s normal solemnity in the comics.

07. Nebula

Marvel Studios

Nebula played by Karen Gillan, was tortured by her father Thanos as a child. She held a great animosity for Gamora when she first showed up in Guardians of the Galaxy since she didn’t aid her when Thanos injured her, but as the movies went on, she came to terms with the fact that they were both victims and made peace with Gamora. She currently belongs to the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Compared to her MCU counterpart, Nebula’s comic book origin tale is pretty similar. Additionally, she is Thanos’s daughter, who at first acts evilly out of bitterness before changing her ways to become an anti-hero. However, Karen Gillan’s portrayal of Nebula significantly improved the character since she made her endearing. In the comics, Nebula is a very straightforward character, but Gillan did a fantastic job of demonstrating how trauma is the only thing that can explain Nebula’s attitude.

06. Gorr The God Butcher

gorr the god butcher
Marvel Studios

Fans were overjoyed when Christian Bale was chosen to play Gorr the God Butcher in Thor: Love and Thunder. Gorr had the potential to rank among the darkest MCU villains thanks to Bale’s acting prowess and his biography. He was, regrettably, used improperly.

Gorr wasn’t as murderous as he was in the comics in an effort to keep the movie as light as possible. In actuality, he only exterminated one God on screen. While Bale’s portrayal of the God Butcher was as spooky as they come, the character lacked the nuance Jason Aaron gave him in “The God Butcher Saga.” The MCU’s rendition clearly fell short.

05. Abomination

Marvel Studios

Emil “Abomination” Blonsky’s continual presence in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law was one of the biggest surprises. This person, who debuted in Shang-Chi after being the villain in The Incredible Hulk, is now Jennifer’s first customer with superpowers and runs a spiritual retreat for other villains looking for atonement.

Fans can’t help but note that this new Blonsky is a new man in every sense, even though he is a great new Blonsky, especially because of Tim Roth’s excellent acting. Abomination is depicted in comic books as being more vicious and unrestrained than the Hulk. Fans appear to have mixed reactions to this so far, but only time will tell if it is a good idea or not.

04. Nakia

Marvel Studios

One of the most powerful warriors from Wakanda is Nakia. She is T’Challa’s love interest and a former spy for the War Dogs. Since she was always on the move for missions, she acquired knowledge of how the world worked and came to the conclusion that Wakanda should assist the rest of the world rather than keep itself separate from it. She reared his child in Haiti when T’Challa passed away, away from the crown.

The most significant character in T’Challa’s life is Nakia in the movies, yet their journey is very different in the comics. Comic Toxically, Nakia is fixated on T’Challa. She plots to assassinate his ex-girlfriend, joins forces with Killmonger, and acts as a double agent for both Wakanda and Wakanda’s adversaries. On the big screen, she clearly appeals to fans more.

03. America Chavez

america chavez
Marvel Studios

America Chavez made her MCU debut in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. A different Dr. Strange traveled with America until he betrayed her. Chavez was a smart youngster with the power to open portals in the multiverse. America is still figuring out how to use her powers, as portrayed by Xóchitl Gomez in the movie.

This character was quite intriguing, yet she was very different from the comic book version of her. America doesn’t experience a voyage of self-discovery in the comics. Instead, she is already a strong, self-assured 19-year-old who is adept at what she does. This, hopefully, will be the outcome of America’s present MCU adventure in a few years.

02. Namor

Marvel Studios

Tenoch Huerta Mejia makes his acting debut as Namor in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Namor, the ruler of the submerged Talokan society, is also known as K’ulk’ulkan, a feathered deity from Mayan mythology. He is the only person in his nation who can breathe air from above; his nation’s energy came from a vibranium-infused herb many years ago.

In the comics, Namor is a Homo Mermanus/human hybrid. The vibranium herb did not endow him with any supernatural abilities. Instead, he received them from his mother. Namor also has no connection to Mayan culture in the comics. In what many people view as a hit modification. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever altered this character fundamentally.

01. Tony Stark

tony stark
Marvel Studios

Tony Stark, who made his Marvel debut in Iron Man, quickly rose to the top of everyone’s favorite list. Many MCU-only fans are unaware that the Tony Stark character in the MCU is very different from the Tony Stark character in the comics, which was created by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, Don Heck, and Jack Kirby.

Tony changed from being a very serious, monotonous, and conceited character to a sarcastic genius with an ego that people chose to overlook as a result of RDJ’s appeal. Because of Downey’s influence, the comic book character has been gradually changed to reflect his portrayal.