Everyone knows that Avatar 2 has been breaking box office records ever since its release. It recorded revenue of 2.31 billion US dollars. Avatar 2 or Avatar: The Way if Water is actually a biggest movie. After the success of Avatar in 2009, many people guessed that this will be popular in the same way. But due to some changes, it fell short of expectations. 

Avatar in 2009 Amazon

However, James Cameron epic expectations passed. This made it one of the Top-3 highest grossing movies. You can also guess the release of Avatar 3.

But before we think about this, it must be said that many people have not seen Avatar 2 yet. And many people are waiting for it to be released on Disney plus. Come to think of it, when can we actually watch it on disney plus??

Avatar 2 Disney plus release day 

So far Avatar 2 disney plus release date has not been announced. It is not seen in the list of April 2023 releases on Disney Plus. So we can predict that they hope to stream this in May. So we have to wait until summer according to this point of view. 

This is still a predictable thing that we are doing and it is best to wait for Disney to make an announcement about this.

In addition, Avatar 2 will start its digital streaming on April 4. That is for UK viewers. That’s what happens with Amazon Prime. Also, the 4K Ultra HD, Blue-ray, and DVD release date of this movie has not been announced yet and everyone is waiting for those days. You can currently buy it digitally on Prime Video and ITunes in the US. 

Just like the first movie, Avatar 2 has been designed to be shown on the big screen.


Avatar: The Way of Water