Charlie Cox of Daredevil: Born Again weighs in on his She-Hulk & Karen Page love triangle following his most recent relationship in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Matt Murdock, the blind attorney played by Charlie Cox, recently made his comeback to the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the blockbusters Spider-Man: No Way Home & She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. In the latter, the character started dating the titular superhero lawyer played by Tatiana Maslany in the final two episodes of the series. With Cox also confirmed to return for Daredevil: Born Again, viewers have been wondering which other characters from the Netflix series, including one crucial relationship at the show’s center, will return.

Charlie Cox was questioned about Daredevil’s love triangle with She-Hulk and Karen Page while attending the German Comic-Con Winter Edition (via Twitter user Murdocklorian). It doesn’t get “more deep than Karen,” the MCU star said of his Daredevil co-star Deborah Ann Woll, hinting at his desire for both Elden Henson and her to make a comeback. View Cox’s comments below:

“With Matt Murdock, I don’t think it gets more deep than Karen Page, and shout out to the wonderful Deborah Ann Woll, who’s just amazing. I was saying this to [Elden Henson] yesterday…I don’t know what’s going to happen with the other characters in the new show, but I know for a fact that Elden and Deborah were the heartbeat of what we did before, and the show is a success because of them.”

Could She-Hulk Make A Comeback In Daredevil: Born Again?

Charlie Cox's Opinion On The Love Triangle Between Karen And She-Hulk

The relationship between Jennifer Walters & Matt Murdock has been a hot topic among MCU fans since She-Hulk: Attorney at Law appeared to end with them still dating and Tatiana Maslany’s character even bringing him to her family in the series finale. Maslany has actively promoted her participation in Daredevil: Born She’s once more jokingly stating that she’s willing to wait outside the MCU show revival set in her She-Hulk costume in the hope of making an appearance and is constantly texting Cox to see if she’s required. As a “huge supporter” of She-Hulk appearing on his program, the Daredevil actor has also speculated that it might be anything from “vacation fling” to something that has “more substance to it.”

The question of whether a She-Hulk presence in Daredevil: Born Again could actually work arises despite the fact that Cox and Maslany are both obviously open to their reunion happening. Even though his character is now firmly established in the MCU as a result of the Netflix series’ tenuous ties to the larger franchise, their relationship’s significant tonal differences may prevent further investigation. Nevertheless, given that Cox refers to Daredevil: Born Again as a “whole different thing” rather than merely season 4 of the Netflix series, it’s possible that the show’s tone will change as a result of the shift towards the titular comic book storyline, allowing She-Hulk and Daredevil to spend more time together.

Why Daredevil: Born Again Needs Karen & Foggy

Charlie Cox's Opinion On The Love Triangle Between Karen And She-Hulk

While fans of Maslany’s She-Hulk are hoping to see her in the Disney+ series, audiences are more anticipating the return of Woll’s Karen Page & Henson’s Foggy for Daredevil: Born Again. The show’s main character was undoubtedly Cox’s self-titled vigilante, but his law partners played an equally significant role in his character development and had their own interesting storylines. If they were to skip the MCU, especially if it didn’t address his connection with She-Hulk, fans would be disappointed. When Daredevil: Born Again starts to stream on Disney+ in 2024, only time will tell.

Source: Murdocklorian/Twitter