The Flash actress Danielle Panabaker, who plays Caitlin Snow, has revealed that season 9 of the well-liked Arrowverse series will be her last as a director. The Flash season 9, which will be the final season of the Grant Gustin-starring series, is the longest-running Arrowverse program on The CW. Season 9 premiere is set for Wednesday, February 8, 2023, with the Arrow spinoff returning for a total of 13 episodes. The Flash’s final season has the fewest episodes of the entire run, according to the episode count.

One of the show’s original cast members provided a fresh update on The Flash season 9’s filming as the season’s finale was well underway. On her Instagram page, Panabaker, who has played Caitlin since The Flash season 1 and later Killer Frost, announced that they are currently pre-producing episode 9, which she will direct. Panabaker will be the second member of the cast of The Flash to direct in season 9, with Kayla Compton, who plays Allegra Garcia, directing episode 11. Episode 9 will officially be the last episode of The Flash that Panabaker directs; she has previously helmed the episodes “Godspeed,” “License to Elongate,” “Rayo de Luz,” & “Keep It Dark.” Check out the video and statement from Panabaker below:

What We Know So Far About The Flash Season 9

Danielle Panabaker Announces Final Directing Job for The Flash Season 9
The CW

The CW also unveiled a new synopsis for The Flash season 9 that teased what will happen in the final season along with the announcement of the season premiere date. The final season of The Flash will feature Barry battling a gang of Rogues who are “led by a powerful new threat” as they cause havoc in Central City, according to The CW. The new threat is probably going to be Javicia Leslie’s Red Death, who will also be appearing as her regular version of Batwoman in the final season (despite The CW only confirming her as a mystery character for the time being).

The CW reports that as The Flash defeats one threat, “a deadly new adversary goes up to challenge” the iconic legacy of the Scarlet Speedster in what will be his greatest conflict to date. Red Death will serve as one of the graphic novel characters in The Flash season 9’s continuation of that format, while an unnamed foe will serve as the show’s final antagonist. The promotion of Jon Cor’s Chillblaine to the main cast is the only new development this season, with Jesse L. Martin’s Joe West only making an appearance as a special guest star in 2023. Richard Harmon, who plays Owen Mercer, also known as the second Captain Boomerang, will appear in The Flash season 9 alongside Leslie Leslie’s characters.

With The CW’s uncertain DC TV future after the 2022–2023 TV season, The Flash remains the last Earth-Prime series in the Arrowverse franchise, with Superman and Lois existing on a parallel Earth, as revealed in season 2. With The Flash season 9 bringing the popular superhero drama to a close, it’s also the conclusion of a significant era on The CW.

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