Zack Snyder fans are again speculating about his possible future DC Universe return, following a cryptic clip from an excited Jason Momoa. Snyder is best known for his work on the interconnected comic book franchises Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad for Warner Bros. Snyder left the DC Universe during the production of Justice League due to creative differences and his daughter’s death, but fans of the director have stayed vocal in their hopes that he will return at some point in the future to complete his Justice League trilogy.

Following the acquisition of DC Studios by James Gunn and Peter Safran, Jason Momoa took to Instagram to publish a cryptic clip in which he teases learning of “some of the most exciting news of my life” and blowing a kiss to “maestro.” Fans of Zack Snyder quickly took to social media to share the video, guessing that the Aquaman star was hinting at the director’s return to the DCU, though others believe it was referring to his inclusion in The Flash or Ben Affleck’s larger come back as Batman in the future. Take a look at some of the fan theories below:

Would Snyder be brought back by James Gunn?

Fans Of Zack Snyder Speculate That Jason Momoa's Cryptic Video Is About DC's Return
Zack Snyder

Since Gunn took over as co-studio head at the beginning of the month, Momoa has become more and more enthusiastic about the future of the DC Universe. He recently hinted that his dreams for the franchise are going to come true under the new studio management. It’s challenging to actually figure out who or what he may be mentioning for the news the Aquaman actor has learned given his extremely ambiguous statements in his cryptic video. Following Gunn’s sharing of a photo of the antihero while announcing a new account on the social media network Mastodon, some have additionally conjectured that Momoa might be in talks to simultaneously act Lobo for the DC Universe.

Whether or not it is what Momoa is referencing, it is still unclear whether Gunn would eventually reinstate Snyder in the DC Universe. The creator of Peacemaker has assured fans that he and Safran are paying attention to what they want from the franchise and are looking into various DC follower campaigns, but he has also mentioned they are focused on creating the DCU’s larger story plan, downplaying the likelihood that the Ayer Cut of the Suicide Squad will be released or that Legends of Tomorrow will be saved from cancellation in the near future. It does seem impossible for Gunn to completely ignore the possibility of bringing Zack Snyder back at some point in the future, should it fit his, Safran, and David Zaslav’s plans, given how ferociously the movement to “Restore the SnyderVerse” has been from the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

If they decide it’s time for Zack Snyder to return, they will have to bargain hard to get him back into the DC Universe. While praising the artistic freedom he’s seen around Netflix putting together his Army of the Dead franchise, of which he’s creating the sequel for the eponymous movie, and Rebel Moon, which is expected to launch an epic space franchise, Snyder was vocal about additional creative control issues when putting together Zack Snyder’s Justice League. This kept his dance card pretty full for any superhero property. Even if Snyder doesn’t end up making a DCU comeback, it seems Gunn and Safran are already fulfilling Momoa’s dreams, and Henry Cavill’s most recent Superman comeback has many fans excited about the franchise’s future.

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