After teasing more Superman mythos elements in Titans season 4, Beast Boy’s Ryan Potter believes Henry Cavill should play the show’s version of the Man of Steel himself. Titans, based on the Teen Titans comic book superhero team, premiered in 2018 on the former DC Universe streaming platform before moving to HBO Max for season 3. In this year’s season 4 premiere, the team traveled to Metropolis, where Joshua Orpin’s Conner Kent was given the opportunity to meet with Superman. An unexpected disaster, however, would take away the Man of Steel, and instead, Conner accepted an ill-fated invitation to meet with the person responsible for his creation, Lex Luthor.

Similarly to the Titans’ season 1 approach to Batman, season 4 has only referred to Superman by name and has yet to show him in action. While the lack of casting news suggests that this trend will continue, Beast Boy actor Potter has his own ideas about who should play the iconic role. Potter was recently asked by Looper who should play the show’s version of Superman if he makes an appearance. Potter is adamant that Henry Cavill from the DC Universe is the ideal choice. Look at his comments below:

“It’s hard to top [Henry] Cavill. He’s such a perfect Superman and — spoiler alert for the DC Universe fans — he’s back. I don’t think there’s a better candidate than Cavill.”

Is A Superman Cameo By Henry Cavill In Titans A possibility?

Titans Beast Boy Star Wants Henry Cavill To Play Superman In DC Show

Following Cavill’s recent appearance in Black Adam and reports that a potential Man of Steel 2 is in the works, DC fans are already speculating on where he might next appear. Under the leadership of James Gunn and Peter Safran, the DCU’s film arm was once considered a separate entity from DC’s various television projects. However, recent restructuring conducted by Warner Bros. Discovery has managed to set the franchise on a route to developing a single interrelated continuity spanning film, television, & animation. If the newly rebranded DC Studios decides to continue Titans after its current season 4 run, the powers that be may try to bring the show into the DCU’s main continuity in the future.

At the moment, Cavill’s Superman would probably make little sense in the Titans universe. With their own versions of characters like Batman and Lex Luthor already established, Cavill’s presence would most likely confuse audiences & disrupt plans to clean up the DCU’s main continuity. However, with the events of next year’s The Flash film expected to introduce concepts of the multiverse & alternate timelines into the franchise, the Titans characters may still have a chance to cross over into the DCU proper.

Aside from continuity issues, another barrier to a potential Cavill cameo in Titans is the cost of such an appearance. With Cavill reportedly earning up to $1 million per episode for his role in The Witcher season 2, an appearance in Titans is unlikely to be cheap. While DC Studios may see the value in paying Cavill top dollar for a return to the big screen, his salary would most likely be too high to pay for a much smaller television project. Despite the absence of Cavill’s Superman, fans can continue to immerse themselves in a beloved corner of the DC universe as Titans season 4 is now being released weekly on HBO Max.

Source: Looper