Warning! Contains spoilers from Batman/Spawn #1!

There is a place in Gotham that might finally explain why Batman’s beloved city is so overrun with evil. In Batman/Spawn #1, it is revealed that a famous spot in Gotham has a sinister secret that explains the terrifying curse that seems to befall the city.

Before Bruce Wayne assumed the role of the Dark Knight, Gotham was under the control of forces that aided crime and evil. Gotham has been plagued by organized crime, sporadic violence, and even devil worship since the beginning of the city. The evil that afflicts Gotham has never left, despite the fact that things for the city slightly improved with Batman’s introduction. Instead, it has become an army of twisted villains out to take over the city or destroy it completely. Bruce keeps up the good fight, but it seems that the evil forces lurking in the shadows are only getting more powerful.

However, there might be a valid explanation for why Gotham is so deeply enmeshed in evil, and one place might hold the answer. The shady organization the Court of Owls has tricked Spawn into going after their most dreaded foe, Batman, in Todd McFarlane and Greg Capullo’s Batman/Spawn #1. Unfortunately for them, the two vigilantes band together to stop the Court after realizing that it is seeking something much more significant. To find and assassinate both men, the Court sends out a Talon. However, Batman and Spawn are prepared and prepare an assault on Arkham Asylum. After baiting the Talon, the pair launches their coordinated assault.

The Relevance of Dead Zones for Gotham and Batman

A Dark Secret In One Batman Location Describes Gotham's Curse

Fans may remember that Dead Zones, which essentially serve as portals between Heaven, Hell, and Earth, are a mainstay of the Spawn comics. While Spawn has taken it upon himself to seal the Dead Zones, this still permits all manner of demons and other supernatural creatures easy passage through the realms. However, considering that Gotham once housed a portal to Hell itself, such a thing casts a very different light on the city’s evil nature.

In the past, Gotham has been labeled as “cursed,” largely due to its pervasive criminal population and ties to the evil Barbatos deity. But the hypothesis that a Dead Zone exists in Gotham actually explains why the city has struggled to resemble a typical city in any way. Despite everything that Batman accomplishes for the city, demons have probably plagued Gotham for ages, probably to the point where the city is entirely comprised of the evils of Hell. By reading Batman/Spawn #1, which is currently on sale, readers can decide for themselves what a Dead Zone means for Gotham.

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