Jeremy Renner receives encouragement from his fellow Avengers and MCU actors after the actor posts his first social media update since the accident. After making his MCU debut in Kenneth Branagh’s Thor as Clint Barton/Hawkeye, Renner went on to play the bow-and-arrow-wielding hero all throughout Infinity Saga as well as the Multiverse Saga, where he has since established himself as one of the MCU’s most adored characters. He has so far acted in seven Marvel Studios films, and his most recent appearance as an Avenger was as Hawkeye on Disney+. Since he has collaborated with so many other Marvel Studios talent, they are all rooting for him to recover from his winter accident.

It was revealed shortly after the start of the new year that Renner had been in a serious accident and was hospitalized in a stable but critical condition. A few hours later, the actor posted his first selfie from his hospital bed to reassure the public that everything is fine. Soon, the post was inundated with messages of love and support from both fans and people he has collaborated with in the MCU. Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans, two other Avengers actors, wrote: “Speedy recovery buddy. Sending love your way!” and “Tough as nails. Love you buddy,” respectively. “My brother, I love you,” said Taika Waititi, who also plays Korg in the Thor movies. Chris Pratt, star of Guardians of the Galaxy, said “Continued prayers your way brutha,” while Colbie Smulders and Paul Bettany, two stalwarts of the MCU, said, “Sending love your way…….” and “Love you mate. Sending you love and healing,” respectively. Director Joe and Anthony Russo of Avengers: Endgame also offered their support, writing, “Sending all of our love, brother, and hopes for a speedy recovery.”

What Genuinely Occurred In Jeremy Renner’s Accident

Stars From The MCU React To Jeremy Renner's First Post Following The Snowplow Injury
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Renner is a frequent social media user, so it came as a surprise to hear about his freak accident during the holidays when he had been celebrating Hawkeye’s first anniversary and had continued to post. Following the initial report, the actor’s family and those with additional information provided frequent updates. The mayor of Reno, Nevada, claims that Renner was helping a person who was stranded in the snow when his snowplow ran over his leg while Renner was clearing heavy snowfall on New Year’s weekend. He was fortunate that emergency personnel arrived quickly to take him to the hospital.

It will be fascinating to learn what actually transpired during the accident from Renner since he hasn’t provided his version of the events. In addition to the Marvel Studios actor, many people are eager to hear from the people Renner was assisting prior to his accident. Although they have chosen to remain anonymous out of respect for their privacy, it is possible that they will eventually reveal themselves and offer their perspective. Renner gained more sympathy from the public as a result of his kindness to the stranded strangers, as people noted that he is a real-life hero in addition to being one on screen.

It’s difficult to predict when Renner will leave the hospital, and as of right now, there hasn’t been a formal update. Nevertheless, the ability to share a photo of himself on social media is a sign that he is making progress toward recovery. He’ll probably have to slow things down at work, but hopefully, he can return to the set soon since he still plays one of the MCU’s few surviving original Avengers.

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