As Stephen Amell reprises his Arrow character in The Flash season 9, he responds to his Arrowverse comeback with the ideal GIF. Grant Gustin is nearing the end of his run as Barry Allen on The Flash after playing the role for almost ten years. Season 9 of The CW’s Arrowverse spinoff, which debuts on February 8, marks the show’s final episode. The Flash’s final season will only have 13 episodes, unlike previous seasons, bringing the series to an end with 184 total. After season 8, The Flash formally surpassed other Arrowverse shows in terms of duration, and it will maintain that position after season 9.

The Flash season 9 features several Arrowverse reunions for the show’s final season on The CW. After the 2020 series finale of Arrow, one of them features Amell as Green Arrow for the first time. Amell broke his silence with the ideal GIF response while social media had obviously been posting its responses. The actor who plays Oliver in the Arrowverse tweeted, “Of course I’m coming back,” along with a GIF of him hugging Gustin’s Barry during a previous crossover. Amell additionally posted a lovely behind-the-scenes photo of Gustin and himself on Instagram. See his posts below:

Other Arrowverse Characters Return In The Flash Season 9

Stephen Amell's Perfect Flash GIF Reaction To His Arrowverse Return
The CW

Oliver Queen will make an appearance in The Flash season 9, episode 9, which will be directed by Danielle Panabaker, who plays Caitlin Snow. The main character of Arrow isn’t the only former member of the Arrowverse to visit Central City for the final season, though. The CW recently revealed a trio of Arrowverse veterans who will appear in The Flash season 9 just one day before Amell’s announcement. Kid Flash, John Diggle, and Bloodwork will all appear in episode 9, and their respective actors are Keiynan Lonsdale, David Ramsey, and Sendhil Ramamurthy. The Earth-Prime tie-in comic book from 2022 teased both Amell and Ramaurthy’s returns for The Flash season 9.

The final season of the Arrowverse TV series will also feature appearances by other cast members from various shows. In season 9 of The Flash, the Batwoman star Javicia Leslie plays Ryan Wilder once more and a new interpretation of the character. Leslie is portraying a new iteration of the DC Comics antagonist Red Death, despite only being referred to by The CW as a “Mystery Character.” Nicole Maines will play Supergirl’s Dreamer in one episode, joining forces with Iris West-Allen.

It is unknown if other Arrowverse characters will appear in season 9 of The Flash. The Flash is the final Earth-Prime show in the franchise, so season 9 is undoubtedly the time to go all out. Superman & Lois takes place in the Arrowverse, but it takes place on a different Earth than Earth-Prime. It’s wonderful to see a much-desired wish come true given the fervent interest from fans in seeing Amell in The Flash season 9. It is hoped that a first look at Amell’s significant Arrowverse return will surface soon as The Flash season 9 approaches its premiere. When season 9 premieres, only time will tell if Oliver’s return will be hinted at in The Flash.

Source: Stephen Amell/Twitter, Stephen Amell/Instagram