Chad Coleman, the villain in Superman & Lois Season 3 says that viewers may actually root for Bruno Mannheim. In Superman & Lois season 3, Clark Kent and Lois Lane face a new threat, albeit a more grounded one. Following the defeat of Ally Allston, a.k.a. Parasite, in the most recent season, Bruno, a.k.a. the Intergang leader, enters the fray, having been named in the Superman & Lois season 2 finale as it is responsible for the death of this Earth’s John Henry Irons. It remains to be seen whether the Intergang organization will play a significant role in the new season.

Coleman, who was chosen to play Bruno in September, is no stranger to the Arrowverse; he previously made an appearance as Tobias Church in Arrow season 5. As Superman & Lois occurs on a different Earth inside the Arrowverse, Coleman has a fresh start playing the DC adversary. The Walking Dead alum discussed joining The CW drama also as a supervillain in an interview with Fox 5 Atlanta. Unlike Tobias, Coleman views Bruno as a character that viewers of Superman & Lois season 3 may or may not support. Regarding Bruno’s part in Superman & Lois season 3, Coleman stated the following:

“I have a pretty darn good resume, so to say the least, this is the best role for me that I’ve ever had. The scale of this guy. Honestly, the scale of this man is incredible. He’s not to be messed with. This is gonna be a thrill ride. Love him, hate him, but it’s not the typical villain. He’s very layered. And you root for this man because he makes a lot of sense, and he’s done a lot of amazing things to transform South Metropolis and so you just get to take this thrill ride.”

What We Know So Far About Superman & Lois Season 3

The Season 3 Villain of Superman & Lois Says Fans May Root For Him
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While not many details about Superman & Lois season 3 have been made public, a few significant ones have in recent months. Coleman’s Bruno, according to The CW, will be regarded in Metropolis as “a local hero, a philanthropist who’s revived the city’s struggling neighborhoods.” Lois will continue her years-long investigation into Bruno in an effort to establish that he “is a career criminal as well as the head of the notorious organization Intergang,” but new leads suggest that Lois is getting closer to bringing Bruno to justice. On Wednesday, March 14, the third season of Superman & Lois and the Gotham Knights will both debut.

Despite not being a new character, Jonathan Kent will be portrayed by a different actor this season. Superman & Lois had to recast the role after Jordan Elsass left the Arrowverse drama at the end of season 2. Michael Bishop, who made his debut in the season 3 opener, was officially cast earlier this year. John Henry Irons also will look into Bruno to determine why his doppelgänger was killed, so Lois won’t be the only one who is looking into him. Following the Man of Steel’s hiring at the Smallville Gazette, Lois and Clark will also be working together as reporters while also witnessing Jordan deal with having a superhero identity and what that really means.

Whether Superman & Lois will return after season 3 is the main uncertainty surrounding the show at the moment. The CW cancelled several shows in 2022, leaving only The Flash and Superman & Lois for 2023, making it a difficult year for the Arrowverse. The CW wants to target a different demographic under the new leadership, so the DC brand might not play a significant part in its overall strategy. If Superman & Lois will return for another season or not depends on the uncertain future of the Arrowverse on The CW.

Source: Fox 5 Atlanta