Following the midseason finale of Yellowstone season 5, the actor Wes Bentley hinted at a potential power move by Jamie Dutton. As the displeased adopted son of John Dutton (Kevin Costner), the head of a wealthy family that owns and runs the largest contiguous ranch in the state of Montana, Bentley plays Jamie. John is sworn in as governor in Yellowstone season 5 in a last-ditch effort to defend his property from outside forces that want to uproot his family from the land. John quickly learns that his son might be his most dangerous foe.

In a recent interview with EW, Bentley hinted at a potential power move from Jamie if Yellowstone is allowed to go on. Sarah Atwood, a Market Equities lawyer who uses her skill and body to turn Jamie against his family, was first introduced in Season 5 by Dawn Olivieri. Many viewers were outraged by Jamie’s betrayal because it made the character seem weak. Bentley hinted that his character might have something planned for later in the season when EW pressed him about their expectations that the mid-season ending would have disclosed that Jamie was probably playing Sarah all along. Voici what the actor said:

“Well, maybe this will make you feel a little bit better: You’re not far off. I’ll say it that way. Jamie is being used by Sarah Atwood, but Jamie’s been used for 30 years of his life by his own family and become well aware of what it’s like to be used. At first when I read this, I was like, “Oh man, here we go.” But as I let it sink into me, I realized, “Maybe he’s seeing an opportunity in her. Maybe he’s testing her out too.” I think he’s also attracted to her, not just physically, but he’s attracted to what kind of person she is. And there’s something there, some evil power-couple thing happening between ’em.”

“So I think it’s deeper than just one’s using the other. Jamie, just on a purely clinical level, does see her as someone he could use if needed. So you’re not totally off. By the end he’s saying, “Do you know anybody that can kill my family?” That’s him revealing what his intentions were.”

In Yellowstone Season 5, What Will Happen To Jamie?

The Yellowstone Star Hints At Jamie's Power Play In Season 5
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Bentley’s remarks hint that Jamie might not be as trusting as he initially seems. His actions, however, unquestionably show the opposite. As Montana’s attorney general, Jamie, swayed by Sarah, convenes the state assembly to ask that the process to remove his father from office for abuse of authority be started. Beth (Kelly Reilly) confronts her brother at his house, breaking in and assaulting him after hearing about the impeachment. Beth is then informed by Sarah that she is Jamie’s puppeteer.

The siblings are now even further apart from one another as a result of Jamie’s alleged betrayal, which has intensified their long-running conflict. Beth declares war on her brother and sets out to ruin Jamie—probably both personally and professionally. Sarah, on the other hand, advises Jamie to consider hiring assassins to kill his sister.

If Jamie has a plan, it would appear that he is taking his time before playing it. Beth will likely attack him from all sides, and her rage knows no bounds. Jamie almost ran her over with his car because she had already promised to take his child away. When Yellowstone returns this summer, John might find himself with some other deceased family member, if the drama maintains its vicious pace. Reilly previously hinted that season 5 will find Beth at her most enraged.

Source: EW